1. Kimber.204

    SOLD Shooters World SW4350 8lbs FTF Pittsburgh PA

    SOLD While drunk on the euphoria that seeing powder in stock creates in me, I purchased a bunch of powder a few weeks ago. It got delivered an much to my surprise included in the giant box was two (2) 8lb jugs of Shooters World SW4350. Also, suspiciously missing from the box were my two 8lb...
  2. D

    SOLD WTS WTT 4350 and Varget For 300 PRC powder (Colorado)

    I have two new, unopened 8# jugs of 4350, one H4350 and one Accurate 4350, both proved to be very accurate and nearly identical velocities. I also have 10 singles of Varget from the same lot. I am looking to trade pound for pound for the following: Accurate 4064 IMR 8028 XBR IMR 8133 H1000...
  3. 4

    260 Remington Powder Recommendations

    Well just dropped off my down payment for my first custom rifle build. The rifle is being built by Mark Gordon at short action customs in Wellington Ohio. It is going to have 26" Bartlien Barrel. And jewell trigger, sitting in a Mcree stock. I plan on using Berger 140grain hybrids and lapua...
  4. G

    300 win mag load with 4350

    Hey guys looking for a load for my 300 win mag. I am using what I have been able to get my hands on the last few months. Here is what I have Once fired winchester brass will be FL resizing Hodgdon H4350 powder CCI LR Mag primers or Rem 9 1/2 LR Mag Primers Sierra 180 Gr. Gameking bullets I...
  5. mattmcg

    Hodgdon 4350 8# kegs at powdervalley 3/19

    Fellas, Just a heads up for some of you in need of some Hodgdon 4350 in 8# kegs. Seems that powdervalleyinc.com just got some in stock. Load up!
  6. S

    IMR 4350 vs H4350

    Whats the difference and what one do you think is better?