1. 2

    Optics BNIB Burris 5-25x50 XTR II $800 Shipped

    Brand new in box, never mounted. Illuminated SCR MIL reticle, first focal plane. Asking $800.
  2. Midwest Optics

    Optics Viper Gen ii E5-25x50 EBR-7C MRAD **SOLD**

    Vortex Viper 5-25x50 EBR-7C MRAD - $750 SOLD New Open Box but was sent in wrong box so it shows a EBR-2C moa but you can see in pics it's the ebr7c mrad reticle. One small mark on battery cap from me installing battery to show illumination All prices include shipping and full insurance PayPal...
  3. B

    Sold: US Optics ER-25 Mil FFP 5-25x58mm Illuminated Reticle

    Sold. Thank you! For sale is a US Optics ER-25 Mil FFP 5-25x58mm with Illuminated GAP reticle. Comes with the Spuhr mount and a neoprene scope coat cover for added protection. I removed the mount from the rifle only, so this is ready to mount on your rifle with minimal adjustment. This optic...
  4. D_TROS

    Rifle Scopes STEINER 3-15 Review

    :cool:Just received my New Steiner 3-15x50 :p Some Specs: Rect: MSR 1/10mil clicks Travel: 27Mils (actual what I tested. Spec sheet says 26 mils) Windage: 6 mils both directions Tube 34mm FOV 100yds (ft): 39.7'-7.9' (Compared with steiner 4-16: 28.5'-7.9') (Compared with steiner...