1. B

    5-25x56 or 7-35x56 optic?

    Looking at purchasing a Leupold Mark IV this week. It's in-between getting the 5-25x56 or the 7-35x56. Application I would use it in is both hunting and competition. My personal opinion is the 7-35x56 is the no brainer for the advantages of the magnification and the small loss in field of view...
  2. CompMatch91

    Optics Vortex Viper PST gen 2

    $925 shipped! rings and level included, comes with sun shade as well.
  3. S

    Rifle Scopes New Falcon Menace 5X25 - Need length information

    A) What is the length of the scope from the end of the rear ocular to the turret housing (rings bump against)? B) What is the length of the turret housing? C) Turret housing to the end of the front objective? D) A+B+C = total overall length Thanks!
  4. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes How do you like your Heritage 5x25

    I will be getting 2 soon and there the 34 mm tube mil / mil just wondering how you like the scope so far? Thanks for any info Bill