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    Optics SOLD Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50 MIL APRS2

    Athlon Midas TAC for sale. Mil, 6-24x50, APRS2 reticle. Glass is pristine, body of scope has 3 small dings from ejected brass hitting it, but otherwise in great shape. This was a great entry level scope that I used on my first long range gun, however I just upgraded and would like the cash...
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon helos 6-24x50 for less then 470

    Looking to buy a helos and I’m looking to find what website I can get the lowest price for one right now amazon has the lowest price at 470.
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    Video shooting @ 700 yards with .308

    Heres the link to my youtube video i just made today when i got my first chance to shoot past 400 yards with my .308 savage 10 Fcp-k. Im new to that kind of long range and still learning. Any advice and tips are welcome. Thanks. P.S. theres a cool slow-mo at the end. Savage 10 FCP K .308 @...