1. Edub33

    Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM

    Hey folks - have a buddy selling a Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM with Talley rings for $1500. It’s been fired 5-6 times but otherwise sits in his safe unused. Don’t need a new rifle, but I like the idea of buying from a friend without a paper trail. Does anyone have any input on this rifle? Not a lot...
  2. W


    I have a savage 110 tactical in 6.5cm around 100 rounds fired around 40 suppressed groups well sub 1/2" moa at 100 yards. started life as 110 desert tactical. upgrades include XLR ELEMENT chassis with TR2 stock Harris Hbrs 6-9" bipod seekins precision low rings Burris xtr2 5-25x50 G2B...
  3. sniperk1ng20

    Firearms 🛑 WTS Tikka Tac A1 6.5CM w/ Custom Deployment Kit - 1/4 MOA rifle-OC-Added Custom Ammo🛑

    Make: Tikka a1 Tac Model: Tac A1 Caliber: 6.5cm creedmoor Location (city or county): Orange County - will meet at OC Guns Price: 2500 FIRM Will ship (Y/N): Yes on your dime Other info: This rifle is a TESTED 1/4 MOA rifle!! Like new ( Rifle was $2300 New ) Total Package cost $3400 new. 400...
  4. DaleAGribble

    SOLD ROOM CLEANOUT - 22ammo-rings-brass-SAP bags-

    It's gun room clean out season and I've got some stuff I'm not using so time to list it ********RINGS******** KELBLYS 34MM picatinny rings- used on 22lr for 2 matches, great condition - $100shipped **price drop $90 shipped** Bagder ord 34mm steel rings (full disclosure 1 stripped hole...
  5. Sirbikealot7

    Firearms SOLD FS: Noveske N6 6.5 Creedmoor 20" switchblock AR10

    Love this gun but making some changes in the safe and need to free up some funds for other things. Gun is in very good condition, couple very small blemishes but overall its like new. Just a little wear under the charging handle area and a mark on the inside of the lower receiver near the buffer...
  6. ManUtdManiac

    Firearms ARC Nucleus 1.2 barreled with PVA 24" 6.5CM, PVA Jetblast Brake & Trigger Tech Primary

    PVA barrel, 24” stainless marksman contour with 5/8-24 muzzle thread and protector TriggerTech Primary Trigger Everything is brand spanking new, never fired. Decided to standardize on a different action. Pics coming shortly. $1400 TYD.
  7. P

    TIKKA T3X 6.5 CM (Tac A1 vs Lite w/KRG Bravo & PRV pre-fit barrel)?

    Hello all, New member, been reading through post after post on the similar topics and have gotten alot of good options/opinions from 160 page posts (man that took alot of time). I almost pulled the trigger on purchasing a Tikka T3X TAC A1 in 6.5CM, 24" for ~$1580.00 (after tax/fees) Read alot...
  8. R

    1/2MOA goal for AR10 build in 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have read Zediker's book on competitive AR builds. This fall I will be in a gunsmith training program. I shoot at 1100yards now with a bolt 308win and a CZ550 re-barreled to 6.5CM. The AR10 build is a required project. We will do much of the gunsmith work including chambering the barrel. I...
  9. lowlight

    Who is using IMR 4166 for 6.5CM

    Okay I need some good load information or the 6.5 Creedmoor using 4166 ? I have Varget and H4350 data, but trying some Enduro ... Using a 120gr Bullet and I want some speed...