1. Blackkettle

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 6.5 PRC 1x brass

    105 pcs Hornady 1x 6.5 PRC brass $100 TYD Conus paypal FF price corrected.
  2. dukerugger25

    SOLD WTT 6.5 PRC Brass for ADG 300 PRC Brass

    I’m looking to trade 100 new Gunwerks or ADG 6.5 PRC Brass for 100 new ADG 300 PRC brass. Will not sell, trade only. Thanks for looking.
  3. jhutch3313

    6.8 Western

    This is more of a general ammo question rather than reloading however I do believe it applies to both. Is the 6.8 Western the next best thing? Or just another new caliber that is going to fizzle out. I have been doing a lot of research and comparing to the 270wsm and the newer of the two 6.5prc...
  4. DaleAGribble

    SOLD ROOM CLEANOUT - 22ammo-rings-brass-SAP bags-

    It's gun room clean out season and I've got some stuff I'm not using so time to list it ********RINGS******** KELBLYS 34MM picatinny rings- used on 22lr for 2 matches, great condition - $100shipped **price drop $90 shipped** Bagder ord 34mm steel rings (full disclosure 1 stripped hole...