1. PRCHunter

    Accessories 6CM BNIB Proof Q fix barrel

    For sale: BNIB 6CM 1:7.5 twist proof research Q fix barrel. 24” length. $925 OBO shipped or trade towards a new or like new surgeon 591 RH std bolt face
  2. Ak7

    SOLD Mausingfield M5 6cm Barreled Action ***SOLD***

    Mausingfield m5 in 6mm cm, 26in hawk hill barrel with TBAC radial brake for their cans. 450 rds down the tube. Calvin Elite 2 stage flat trigger. Will come with 4 - 5rd AICS metal mags and 1 10rd MDT. ***SOLD*** shipped insurance is on the buyer. Pics updated to reflect the revised post. I can...
  3. Ak7

    Firearms Defiance Deviant 6cm Barreled Action 1300!!

    Selling a Snyder built Defiance Deviant (20moa rail) in 6mm creedmoor. 24” bartlein m24 with APA little bastard brake. This is a RW Snyder marked Defiance Deviant action. There is 980 rounds on it. 1400 shipped.
  4. DaleAGribble

    SOLD ROOM CLEANOUT - 22ammo-rings-brass-SAP bags-

    It's gun room clean out season and I've got some stuff I'm not using so time to list it ********RINGS******** KELBLYS 34MM picatinny rings- used on 22lr for 2 matches, great condition - $100shipped **price drop $90 shipped** Bagder ord 34mm steel rings (full disclosure 1 stripped hole...
  5. S

    Firearms AI AX Short Action - PRICE DROP - Brake included

    For Sale - AI AX short action with 6CM barrel. Bought this last March 500 shots through the barrel with match Hornady. Original barrel. Comes with 10 round mag Comes with RRS dove tail rail and original. Comes with muzzle break $5,900 to your local FFL PayPal NO TRADES - Comes
  6. lowlight

    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    Prime Ammo Group Buy #2 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Group Purchase Details: https://www.primeammo.com/group-purchase.html Minimum order is one case of 200 rounds with a maximum order limit of 2,000 rounds For this group purchase, a minimum 50,000 rounds must be purchased by the group...
  7. 6.5guys2

    Large or small primer pockets for 6 creedmoor

    Wat size primer pockets is everyone running I am thanking of going with lupua brass and just now getting into the 6creedmoor and trying to figure out wat everyone thanks on large and small primer pockets and witch is better any info will help thanks
  8. D_TROS

    Range Report 6mm & Slow Powders

    HAVE any of you tried the super slow powders in the 244 Remington (6mm Rem, 6-257 Roberts, 6-7x57 Mauser)? The research I have done on this site is mostly the 6 Crusader. I want more info on 6mm Rem but any input on other AI 6mm calibers will be appreciated (esp barrrel life - velocities -...