1. N

    Found - delete thread

    Let me know what you got! thanks!
  2. cudby

    6x47 Lapua... my first wildcat

    Hi guys, 6mmBR did not work in my rifle I was in the process of building a 6mmBR when it did not work out and i have abandon it. I have decided to get another project going and its going to be a 6x47 Lapua. 6x47 Lapua So this is my first wildcat caliber and would like to ask for advise...
  3. S

    Range Report 6x47L,barrel wear

    A little heads up. I bought my MAK tube gun in 6x47 Lapua,used,with around 500- 600 rounds down the tube a year ago.No log sheet came with the rifle,so I don't know the actual round count.It could have had a little more than 600?The guy I bought it from is an honest sort. So when working up...
  4. S

    6x47L necking down trouble.

    I am necking down some 6.5x47L brass to 6x47L. All the sudden my brass is getting crushed. After doing some exploring, i find that the expander button is causing the trouble. I take it out and all is fine. I put it back in with a little lube and all is ok for a few rounds. I dont understand why...
  5. S

    6x47L accuracy???

    My good friend and great gunsmith Jon Beanland is going to build me a 6x47L We are going to use a Krieger 7.5 twist hv palma stainless barrel. The action will be a stiller predator. I have a benchrest stock, but this rifle is going to pull double duty, hopefully. Anyway Jon has had excellent...
  6. S

    6x47L what twist would you use??

    I may be chambering a 6x47L here in my next project. I need a rifle to hunt coyotes with and hopefully a pig hunt as well. I think i will try a 6x47L but i am undecided on what twist to use. I have a couple different 8 twist 6mm rifles so i was thinking about slowing down the twist so i could...