1. abn_surfer

    Firearms Springfield Armory Prodigy Double Stack (DS) 1911-9mm.

    The 1911 has a history and a reputation for its triggers and accuracy. The SA Prodigy delivers a confluence of needs that works in an aesthetically pleasing gun; the already mentioned 1911 benefits and the demand for higher ammo capacity in the softer recoiling 9mm. This pistol comes with...
  2. M

    Firearms CMMG MK17 9mm PCC $1100

    CMMG Resolute MK17 PCC 9mm, 16” Barrel $1100 with magwell, mags, and CMMG trigger + buffer. $1450 with optional accessories. Pictures Comes with: 3x 30rd Sig P320/M17 Magazines Techwell Magwell Magpul SL-K Stock CMMG Zeroed Parts Arisaka Handstop $1450 Triggertech Diamond Single Stage JP SCS...
  3. M

    SOLD ~35 gallons of brass ($250)

    ~35 gallons of brass 15 gallons of separated 556/223 brass (~8k) 15 gallons of mixed 556/9mm brass (~3-4k each) 5-10 gallons of 9mm brass (~5k) Quantities are my best guesstimate based on the containers they’re in. Pictures (They’re in 27 gallon storage totes for reference) $250 takes it all...
  4. Jdowney37

    Firearms Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm FPC

    Selling a lightly used (50 rounds shot) Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm FPC. Includes case, 3 magazines, multiple size grips, and everything else included as if it were new. Currently has a Sig Romeo 5 red dot optic that was purchased new, with the carbine. Asking $625 shipped, or trade for a 10mm...
  5. L

    SOLD FN Full Size 509T FDE

    Have a full size 509T with about 4-500 rounds shot through it. Has some marks around the front trigger pin hole from the installation of the Apex trigger. Functions flawlessly. Trijicon RMR or surefire X300U not included. Come with: - (1)17rd magazine - optic plates - Original FN bag - apex...
  6. Kyle_Les_Wills

    SOLD WTS: Staccato P Optic Ready

    Staccato P 2011 Optic Ready Silver bull barrel Comes with: x2 17 round 2011 magazines Only around 60-75 rounds fired. Asking $2150 obo SOLD FFL to FFL Shipping UPDATE: Only trades I’d take for the staccato: -Nightforce Nx8 4-32 MOA -Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 MOA -Really and MOA scope I’m...
  7. STLSteve86

    SOLD Sig M17 9mm SURPLUS!

  8. D

    124gr 9mm XTP loading with VV 3N37

    Looking for any load data for 9mm 124gr Hornady XTP bullets with VV 3N37. Could not find any load data with this powder on VV website Hornady / lee loading manual. If anyone uses this combination I would appreciate the help. Powder charge with OAL used. Thanks all looking forward to the replies
  9. G

    Firearms WTS: NIB SIG 320X VTAC

    I have a New still in box Sig 320XF-9-VTAC-R2. Chambered in 9mm. I bought this pistol back around summer and never fired it. Still in factory case with 1 mag. Not interested in trades as I am only selling because I need funds. Asking $650 shipped to your FFL. https://500pxdownload.com/
  10. WhatWhat.223

    SOLD Staccato XC with Aimpoint ACRO P2

    Staccato XC with Aimpoint ACRO P2/DPO optic plate for ACRO. 3-4 months old in great Condition. Comes with 1-17,2-20rd mags. Red dirt trigger F3 installed and factory trigger in the bag. About 2-3K rounds down it. Any marks on the magwell have been from dry firing. FFL to FFL $4900, if you...
  11. Pain92

    Firearms Zev OZ9 Covert and LFA Custom G19 for B&T GHM9

    Zev OZ9 Covert original owner. Comes with extra full size grip. Currently has shorty grip on to accept G19 mags. Can come with 3 Glock mags or 3 mags with TTI +5 extensions. And a custom built Glock that I ordered from LFA( Live Free Armory) out of Melbourne, FL. The Glock is built on a Gen 3...
  12. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Mr bullet feeder 9mm

    Selling a mr. Bulletfeeder by double alpha, setup for 9mm. Looking to get $425 sold! I also have a bunch of Dillon 9mm dies I can sell with it.
  13. S

    SOLD WTS: H&K USP Compact 9mm V1 with 5x Magazines and Odin AIWB holster. - SOLD

    For payment I accept PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle. Buyers FFL must accept from a private seller. H&K USP Compact 9mm - $900 + Shipping Low round count. Includes 5x Magazines (2x 10-rounders), updated Firing pin and block, and Odin Valknut AIWB holster. Will include original Firing pin and...
  14. A

    Accessories G19 gen3 slide with holosun 407c x2

    I have a slide I built for a gen 3 build up for sale to fund another project. Parts: -American tactical match threaded barrel -Patriot defense slide. Cut to accept zro delta optic plates -agency compensator -suppressor height night sights -holosun 407c x2 Has about 150 rounds down it. Comp has...
  15. Vinnie45ACP

    Firearms Withdrawn

  16. S

    Firearms Aero Precision EPC-9 5” Pistol

    Have an Aero Precision EPC-9 that I built with primarily Aero Precision parts. The receiver set, barrel, BCG, and buffer kit are all Aero parts. The handguard is a 4.5” and the barrel is 5” with a slight extension so that the muzzle is past the handguard to allow a suppressor to mount. BCM...
  17. Jdowney37

    Firearms Performance Center M&P 2.0 w/Upgrades

    Selling my gently, and lightly, used Performance Center M&P 2.0 Full Size with 5” ported stainless barrel and C.O.R.E system. Flattest, and softest, shooting 9mm pistol I’ve ever shot. Just as accurate as anything out there, it shot much more consistent than my X5 Legion. I’ve had the gun since...
  18. Mg427

    SOLD GLOCK 17C new in box, DISCONTINUED 9mm

    GLOCK 17C new in box never fired- DISCONTINUED comes as new with case and 2 mags and paperwork, probably future collector item, not many sold. Price is $750. inclusive of US shipping from my FFL to your FFL only. I accept PayPal F&F discreet or USPS money orders (No Zelle or Venmo). PM me with...
  19. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Custom Glock 43X Sub-compact 9mm Battleworn Burnt Bronze - for sale (new)

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Glock 43X with the following: Glock 43X Sub-compact 9mm ($499) Basic Side and Top Milling ($125) Optic Cut for Slide ($125) Battleworn Burnt Bronze Cerakote on Slide ($115) Includes Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Micro Reflex SGT 6MOA ($149) Comes new in box...
  20. TheOE800

    SOLD WTS: new H&K VP9 Match pistol full kit + optics plate

    Selling a brand new, unfired, never transferred Heckler and Koch (H and K, H&K) VP9 Match 9mm pistol kit. This is new in the case and comes with everything as it does from H&K including four (4) 20rd magazines, two recoil springs, additional grip panels, and a bonus factory HK #2 optics plate...