1. Jay5oh

    FNH A3G / FNH SPR-USG FBI Contract Rifle Info

    Lets say I had a FN A3G and wanted to clone the USG version the FBI purchased. Does anyone know the scope, rings, bipod and sling that would be correct for this rifle in the 2005 era? Scope: I believe Leupold MK4's were very popular then. Apparently discontinued now... Rings: Badger, Leupold...
  2. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Gap bedded FN SPR or SPR A3G

    For those folks that might have an FN SPR, and that have maybe sent it to GAP to have it bedded or it's an A3G model....... is there any bedding material foward of the recoil lug ("pad" under first part of barrel)? From what I gather'd, they do the bed jobs on the A3G models. I've read about...
  3. K

    what is an fn spr a3g w/nightforce 5.5-22x50 worth

    maybe someone can help me out , fn spr a3g /nightforce 5.5-22x50 nsx with mlr reticle and nightforce rings , jewel trigger , hardig storm case w/ cut to fit foam. what is this worth ?