1. L

    Drag Bag comments

    Hi newbie here after looking at made in China and over priced Drag Bags I have decided to make my own.I served in the us army in germany in the 80's in the first LRS unit since the Vietnam war.Not bragging but did a lot of crawling dragging and shooting.Unfortunately we didnt get to actually...
  2. M

    AICS Accessory Rails

    Does anyone know of a source for the accessory rails that mount on the sides of the AICS forend? Also, does anyone have pictures of these rails mounted?
  3. Todd Heyn

    VLTOR Modstock Accessory Compartment?

    I just installed a VLTOR Modstock on my AR and want to store some spare CR123 batteries in the storage compartment. With three batteries in the compartment they slide around. Four batteries will not fit. What have you done to take up the space in the compartment?