accurate mag

  1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Accurate Mag w Area419 extender

    308 10 round Accurate Mag with Area 419 extender. Great condition, no longer need. $85 $79 shipped conus
  2. Turbwhistle

    SOLD (3) 5 round aics mags .308 ai/accurate

    Selling (3) 308 5 round aics mags 1 ai mag with binder plate 2 accurate mags no binder plate $50each or $130 for all 3 sold!
  3. tripingram

    Accessories glock mags and barrel

    I have 5x Glock 40 S&W full size mags. Gen 4 15 Rnd mags with +5 extentions. 3 With Dawson Precision black base pads and springs and 2 with Taran Tactical blue with springs. $45 each plus flat rate shipping $8.45 All 5 shipped $200 1x Gen 4 Glock 35 Lone Wolf Extended and Ported barrel 700-800...
  4. skyewalker

    Accessories Accurate WSM mags (6.5PRC)

    Two 7 round WSM magazines, one in wrapper and the other like new. Would prefer to trade for 1.2-1-3” 34mm rings but will sell for 140 shipped. Zelle, Venmo or cashiers check only.
  5. B

    Accessories WTB CTR Bolt Knob

    Looking for a CTR bolt knob. Paypal available. [email protected] or 320-293-5663. Let me know what you got. Thanks Brent
  6. aroddc3

    Accessories 3-round Accurate Mag 300 WSM for 6.5 PRC

    Accurate mag (3 rounds) for 6.5 PRC (technically 300 WSM). Barely used, basically new. $55 shipped flat-rate USPS. Let me know of any questions - thanks!
  7. VaderRubiconJK

    Accessories Trade Pending MDT 10rd BR Mag for Accurate 223

    Looking to trade one as new MDT 10rd BR aics mag, used a couple times at the bench, will come in original packaging, for a 10rd Accurate 223 aics compatible mag. Pics available by request. Thanks. Trade pending 1/22/21
  8. JGB02

    Anyone load long OAL 308s in 300WSM Accurate Mag?

    My wife has a Type 2 Alpha Mag in her Manners T5 mini-chassis, and she's getting really sick of it. In particular, she can't shove 10 rounds in the magazine and fit load it in the bottom without fiddling with it for several minutes. Standard AI mags work terrific, but I can't lengthen them to...