1. N

    Accessories Unused gear up for sale

    Got time on my hands and gear that someone else could probably put to good use, so posting for sale here on the hide for a bit before I post elsewhere: Brand new in package Beyond Clothing A9 Mission Blouse, Multicam, size XL, $175 shipped Like brand new, worn once or twice, Beyond Clothing A9...
  2. NevadaZielmeister

    Fieldcraft ACU Camouflage pattern really that bad?

    Gentlemen, I am not an "operator" or a sniper. I am a long range shooter who got a great deal on this Eberlestock Phantom pack for use in future sniper competitions. Here it is in ACU digital camp pattern on my hike today: <a...
  3. C

    Fieldcraft Army Digital Camo (ACU)

    Need some info I have been testing it and it appears to work great in Urban/Desert/Rocky and some woodland. Who made it? What is it made to blend with? Please don't say everything. What is the theory behind it? Why those colors? If anyone knows the actual facts and not just personal opinion...