aics or ai

  1. J

    Accessories AICS 1.5 Short Action Chassis with three magazines $700 shipped

    AICS Short action 1.5 chassis recoil lug area opened to allow for Surgeon action recoil lug thickness. Bedded at the recoil lug and chamber area of barrel. Can be easily removed and bedded or shot without bedding. Comes with velcro ammo holder as seen in pictures. I will take payments by...
  2. rc2125

    700 rem spsv .243, aics/ai mag, will it feed ok?

    Ordered an AICS for rem 700 short action .243, Will the rounds feed ok out of the Ai mag? Assumed they would, but might as well ask....googled and only found some info on a 243ai having some issues.