1. delfuego

    [SOLD] ARC Magazines

    For Sale: ARC Magazines $SOLD for both shipped
  2. Kimber.204


    Selling two (2) AI 10 round magazines in FDE. I bought these years ago when I got my Eliseo RTS chassis, I tested them for fit, along with several other mags then I ended up using all 5 rounders. These are in like new condition. They have never been outside of my gun room. They're just taking...
  3. DedicatedShooter

    Short and Long Action AICS/V22 Mag Holders

    **AICS Long Action mag holders now available! Pictures updated to show those. **Willing to make custom holders, I've already done this for a few Hide members who had different magazines, just PM for details! **Accepting holder orders for Vudoo V22 polymer magazines **Holders fit great with...
  4. U

    Sold AICS Thumbhole chassis $675

    AICS Remington 700 L/A chassis for sale. I guess these are called "legacy chassis" these days. Great condition with no flaws in the skeleton but a barely visible small spot on the skin near the spigot. Has both the spigot and sling mounts. Also I will include the spigot mounted Versa pod and a...
  5. Kyle_dixon_hismouth

    Does anybody know when did Phoenix Tactical DCLW sell their design to ZRODelta?

    I was doing research on Phoenix Tactical Pod Claws and ran across their Youtube Video DCLW Tripod... And was like WOW that photo looks familiar to a tripod i was looking for (See Attached Photo)... which happened to be discontinued/out of production... I saw an old thread on another site of a...
  6. IMG_20191101_140744_1572632802251.jpg


    Curtis vector Proof barrel AICS Steiner M5xi 5-25 Area 419 break Timney CE trigger
  7. U

    WTS/WTT: Tikka T3X CTR - Stock and Magazine

    I have a brand new CTR stock and magazine from a 6.5cm Tikka. These were never used. When the rifle came in I immediately dropped it into a chassis that runs AI mags. I would prefer to sell these together I will sell the stock and magazine together for $180 shipped, or I will trade you for: -...
  8. StealthOwl

    All sold: 2 Accurate Mag & 1 MDT .308, 10-rd Magazines

    (AICS pattern mags) Accurate Mag 10-rd .308 mags, lightly used, $60 ea shipped; $115 shipped for the pair MDT 10-rd .308 poly mag, new, $35 shipped All sold....
  9. Shawd43

    Sold - AICS SA Magazines

    10 round short action AI mags With Area419 +4 extension - $75 each ($55 each without extensions) 5 round short action AI mags - $50 each All prices are shipped
  10. VaderRubiconJK

    WTB AIAX Parts / Accessories,Game Changer,PRS Gear

    Looking to add a few updates to a pre-2014 chassis and gather some gear for upcoming season. Would prefer to buy, trade not out of the question either. Pm me if you have something your letting go of or parting out. -RRS AICS AX Chassis Plate -Game Changer for railchanger, OG or Pint, waxed...
  11. StealthOwl

    Sold: AICS 300 WM 5-Rd Magazine

    .300 WM AICS 5-round mag - $65 shipped Lightly used mag that I got in a trade but don't need right now. Sold.
  12. Sniperstud

    SOLD - FS: Accuracy International Pre-14 LA AX chassis - SOLD

    I’m selling my barely used pre-14 AX chassis. It fits a long Action Remington 700, and comes with one 300 WM magazine. It also includes the forend rail, and the action rail. This provides a full length top rail with 20 moa built in. It also includes the optional thumbscrews for the comb...
  13. Sniperstud

    FS - Rem 700 .300WM in AICS AX chassis - B/A SOLD

    I’ve decided to sell my Remington 700 .300WM. I bought the rifle as a model 700 Long Range. My intention was to build it into a loose approximation of a Mk 13 Mod 7. I mounted it in a brand new pre-14 AICS AX chassis. I added the AI thumbscrews to the butt, as well as installing an AI 20 MOA...
  14. O

    Securing buffer tube to Howa HCR chassis

    Hello all, Im new here, and this is my first post. I have a quick question about buffer tube/stock mounting on aluminum chassis rifles. I recently acquired my first precision rifle, a Howa HCR (got a killer deal btw) and i decided to have the chassis cerakoted. Not wanting to shell out the...
  15. K

    Where can I find ai .223 mags right now

    Title pretty much says it acquired Aics 2.0 with .308 mag but in need of .223 anybody know who may have them in stock I've checked mile high and euro with no luck Thanks guys
  16. E

    limbsaver for AICS

    Quick question. Doesn't limbsaver have a model that fits the AICS? Or will I have to go with a "grind-to-fit" model?
  17. GBMaryland

    AICS 308 -> 223 Magazine Modification Thread?

    Folks, At some point someone posted a thread for making a 223 mag from a 308 AI AICS magazine. Can anyone find that thread? I've got the pre-change of SH link, but can't find it using a search on the new system. Basically, it appears that no one has 223 mags, but I've got a ton of 308 AICS...
  18. mitch260

    AICS .338 Lapua magazine

    Do these work with Remington ultra mags? and What is the difference between these and the CIP version? Thanks
  19. F

    AICS Classic Mags in AX

    Can you use the AICS Classic Mags in the newer AX Chassis? I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find anything. If I missed it somewhere obvious, please let me know.
  20. J

    Anyone in Clarkville/ Ft. Campbell Area with AICS?

    Definitely looking at getting a build going some time around November, and I am the type to plan things well in advance. Now, the best of my memory says that I enjoy shooting the AI platform, but it has been a while, and I want to verify that THAT is the choice I wanna go with. Also interested...