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  1. L

    AICS Longaction Arca Plate

    I have a post 14 AICS long action chassis and I’m looking to get an arca rail like the low profile one provided by sawtooth rifles for the AXMC chassis, anybody know where I could purchase an arca plate that fits in the same location as the low profile from sawtooth but for the long action...
  2. goggygoggy123

    SOLD (SOLD) Magpul 5rd/10rd AICS, BT13-QK Accu-Shot Monopod, and Armageddon Mag pouch

    (Consolidating some older partially sold posts and dropping all prices). ———————————————————— Magpul PMAG Magazines. AICS Short Action 308 Winchester Slight wear on some of the mags (see photo) but overall great shape. Only $65 shipped for all 3 magpuls. two 10 rd, one 5rd...
  3. dubbednate

    SOLD Accurate Mag (.308) x 2 w/ Single Shot Sled

    I’ve got two 10 round Accurate Mags for .308 (obviously works with a large variety of calibers) in great condition along with an AICS single shot sled. $110 shipped.
  4. goggygoggy123

    SOLD AICS style mags-Magpul 5rd/10rd, and Armageddon Mag pouch

    ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Armageddon Gear 10-round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch Never used. $25 shipped ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Magpul PMAG AC Magazine AICS Short Action 308 Winchester Polymer Black $70 shipped for all 3 magpuls. two 10 rd, one 5rd...
  5. Benfield_Precision

    Accessories Accurate-mag LA standard caliber 3 and 5 round

    Accurate- Mag Long Action AICS SSSF 30-06 mags but will work for any -06 style case or .284 based cases. One - 5 round and One - 3 round. They have .270 Win engraved on the bottom this was a request from a customer and could be removed with a media blaster and I will do that if you want before I...
  6. Ak7

    SOLD AI AICS 10rd & 5rd

    AI AICS .308 mags, both in great shape. 50 shipped for the 5rd and 60 shipped for the 10rd or 100 shipped for the pair.
  7. Screach

    SOLD AI AX Chassis Pale Brown Rem 700 SA

    Hey all, I’ve got an AI AX Chassis Post ‘14 in Pale Brown for Remington 700 SA. It is currently rattle canned in a mock Kuiu Vias Camo pattern. Can be removed or left on per request. Only blemish is a small chip in the factory cerekote on the right side of the chassis. Comes with original box...
  8. KeithStone

    SOLD MDT AICS 6arc 12rd mags

    Info in the title but they’re new in the package just don’t have a use for them right now $80 each.
  9. Recoil_Dave

    SOLD Metal MDT AICS magazine - $50

    Like new, only inserted twice into my rifle and never actually used. 10rd, binder plate, metal MDT AICS mag for .308/6.5CM/etc. $50 shipped. PayPal friends and family.
  10. O

    Questions about an older AI chassis

    I came across a good deal on an older AI chassis for a SA Remington 700 and am interested in using it for an upcoming 6 GT build. Can someone identify this specific chassis so I can better identify parts for it? The cover is a Victor Company Viperskin. Secondly, It came with wobbly spigot...
  11. vegashelipilot

    SOLD ARC 10-round magazine with LRI follower and AREA419 extension

    American Rifle Company 10 round magazine (308) LRI Billet follower Area 419 mag extension Less than 200 rounds, excellent condition $90 shipped *SOLD paypal f/f
  12. T

    SOLD MDT 10 Round AICS Mag

    Very lightly used MDT 10 round mag (maybe 10 rounds fed through it max). Does not have binder plate. $55 shipped CONUS OBO.
  13. K

    Firearms Badger M2013 338 Lapua mag

    I'm selling a Badger M2013 in 338 lapua mag. It sits in an Accuracy International chassis, has a 1:10 bartlein 24" barrel, a griffin armament brake/suppressor mount, a geissele super 700 trigger, and an Arken SH-4 scope/mount. Has 160 rounds through the barrel. Comes with 2 mags, a bogpod...
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Armageddon Gear AICS mag pouch, multicam

    AG 10 round mag pouch. Excellent condition, works great. $28 shipped conus
  15. vegashelipilot

    SOLD Accurate Mag 10 round AICS .308

    Never used. Accurate Mag .308 10-rounder without plate $50 shipped lower 48 SOLD
  16. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Accurate Mag SA AICS 10 rd mag- $59 shipped

    Accurate Mag 6.5 Creedmoor/308 AICS SA 10 rounder without binder plate. Has worked flawlessly for me. $59 shipped conus
  17. N

    Accessories KRG Enclosed Forend Tikka AICS, Harris SL2 Bipod, MDT Polymer Mag .308/6.5 AICS

    KRG Enclosed Forend for Tikka T3x AICS Mags mounted one time, comes w mounting hardware. 190+ shipping Harris SL2 Bipod with sling swivel 75+ shipping MDT .308/6.5 Polymer AICS Mag 30+ shipping No damage done to any of the items. PayPal/Venmo/Zelle/Cash App. F&F preferred, G&S if buyer...
  18. willypeter

    Accessories WTS/WTT AICS AX Chassis - SA R700

    Howdy, I'm looking to sell my Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Rem 700 SA Blueprint, w/ 13" forend, Black. I'm hoping to sell for $1700 $1600 to fund its replacement - the exact same thing in FDE. I'd be willing to trade plus cash if someone has the equivalent model in FDE / Pale...
  19. M

    SOLD WTS Greyboe Ridgeback 700 SA stock

    Bought this from another hide member about a year ago and have never used it at all. He claimed he has an origin SA and used it as a truck rifle. He did channel the firearm slightly to free from M24/competition contoured barrels. The bottom metal accepts AICS magazines and he said he used pmag...
  20. S

    SOLD Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Surgeon 1581 XL Action, Black, Folding, Used, $1050

    For Sale, Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Surgeon 1581 XL Action Black, Folding, RH, Used, Great condition, $1050 shipped and insured. 5.5Lb 16’ forend tube This is a dedicated chassis for a Surgeon 1581 Xl action that has a flat bottom. Great option if you are thinking of building...