1. A

    Member Link Up Hello Alaska shooters

    I would like to hook up and do some shooting. I live in Anchorage so I mostly shoot at Birchwood, but I'm also a member of the Kenai range. Drop me a PM if your in the area or want to arrange a shot....JW
  2. Alaskaman11

    any comp in Alaska?

    I would love to start shooting in comp again, is there any in Alaska coming up?
  3. C

    Hunting & Fishing Alaska Bear Hunting

    Hello All, Went bear hunting on the Copper River, saw lots of wildlife and shot this bear with a Desert Tactical Arms 338 Lapua Magnum...not a big bear but the memories will last a lifetime! Shot these rifles out to 1100 meters...using Black Hills 300 grain Sierra Matchkings. GREAT rifles...
  4. R

    Maggie’s Florida and Alaska consider ban on Beastiality

    You couldn't make this up In this Tuesday, May 2, 2006 file photo, Rep. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage, speaks during a break on the House floor at the State Capitol Building in Juneau, Alaska. Lynn said he was compelled to introduce a bill outlawing sex with an animal after he read a news story in...
  5. 45.308

    Hunting & Fishing Regs for Hunting in Alaska are Changing!!!!!!

    While the divide has been around for sometime, it came to head under Lib Gov Tony Knowles in the 1990s who said the Alaska Constitution did not apply to natives and those in the bush. Plus, many of the native lands were given back to the natives from Fed control under Klinton and they have...
  6. 45.308

    Member Link Up ***Alaska Hide Link Up***

    AO: Monahan Flats. It is about half way between Fairbanks and Anchorage. There is a corner at the top of a hill with a pullout for rigs, will hold four easy. It is open country with low brush and there is a small lake 400 yards down the hill. Quite easy to stretch it out as far as you can, the...