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  1. L

    GUI Interfaces on Future Kestrel Ballistics Units

    All, First off...this is in no way a knock on Kestrel Ballistic Calculators. Hands down these are the best devices period for serious shooters. My question revolves around future User Interface upgrades to the Kestrel Ballistic Line. The Current User Interface is getting a bit old in the tooth...
  2. C

    Shooting club - sniper sim game on Android

    Hi all, I'm indie developer. I want to show you my sniper sim for Android. This simulator of sniper shooting, here not only shot accuracy has great importance, but also specific characteristics of rifles, distance to the target, wind direction, and even heartbeat...
  3. H

    Android people, free ballistics is here

    The initial release of BallCalc for Android phones is out. Joshua Impson has been working hard to get this version of it out while I'm still working on the blackberry version. So, test it out. There is probably some bugs but that's where you come in. Let me know what you find and i'll pass that...