angle degree indicator

  1. carnageasada

    SOLD Sniper Tools Design Co. Angle Degree Indicator MIL-SPEC (ADIMIL-A2) + Sphur A-0023 mount

    Excellent condition functionally and aesthetically with little wear only from mounting as pictured, $SOLD shipped, no trades.
  2. StealthOwl

    SOLD: Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator with Mount, A121 $155 shipped

    Condition is excellent! P/N A121 - these are $239 new SOLD
  3. Glassaholic

    Rifle Scopes Questions about Spuhr ISMS Mounts

    For those of you using Spuhr mounts, I have a few questions for you. Do you find the built in level adequate? The level appears quite small as compared to some of the other levels out there and I'm curious if the size and location of the Spuhr built in level is adequate for LR shooting...