1. HPLLC

    Griffin Armament NTOA Approved Products-

    We sent a few of our products to the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) for testing and approval last year. Our M4SD II flash Comp rated a perfect 5 with multiple evaluators and received the NTOA Gold seal of approval. As far as I know that might be the second product ever to...
  2. oldgrayone

    Maggie’s GM puts out 1st Gov approved auto

    Get in line folks they will sell fast
  3. S

    Training at R.O. is Team Bukkake Approved!

    So, Team Bukkake went to Rifles Only over Memorial Day weekend for some training. We were pumped, ready to connect with steel and kill some beers. We met the RO staff in town for supper and then headed to the bunkhouse. We (Stewart, ChadTRG42, Triggertime, toddacguy, 427Cobra and myself)...