1. D

    Reloading Equipment WTS: 300 Win mag Barrel, Dies, Brass

    Mausingfield 300 win mag barrel by LRI: Bartlien 1/9 twist 5r 24" with 5/8x24 muzzle threads. Has 45 rounds on it. $550 shipped ADG 300 Win mag brass 400 pcs new and approx 200 fired (50pcs once fired) Sell as a package $600 shipped. SOLD Have Forster die set, Redding competition die set, Le...
  2. Vinnie45ACP

    SOLD WTS BNIB ARC 34MM M10 Rings 28MM Med height

    BNIB 34MM ARC rings Med height of 28mm. $130 STYD. First, I will take it, followed by a PM wins.
  3. deepsix++

    Reloading Equipment FS : 6mm arc dies

    was going to build a 6mm arc but that didn't happen , here is what I have Hornandy 6arc fl resizer die and seating die ( not match grade ) : 35$ buyer pays S&H
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD ARC MBrace - $225 tyd

    Dmr3 is sold ARC Mbrace, for 34mm tube, 1.26” height. Excellent condition. $225 tyd conus PayPal f&f (or you pay fees) or Venmo
  5. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Gray Ops M-lok Weights

    Doing some cleaning. All items are in excellent condition. Prices listed are for CONUS. Accuracy 1st level - 34mm/35mm SOLD Gray Ops Long pair mlok weights- SOLD Nightforce 34mm rings 1.125” SOLD LRF Mount for ARC M-Brace 34mm (comes with screws) - SOLD PayPal f&f or Venmo accepted Crosslisted
  6. wyo_lrhs

    Firearms ARC Archimedes LA, Grayboe Ridgeback

    I've got an ARC Archimedes and Grayboe Ridgeback with Grayboe M5 Bottom Metal that I'd like to sell or trade. ARC Archimedes is a long action 0.473 bolt face with 30 MOA rail. Purchased new in February and currently has 50 rounds on it. Ridgeback stock in Woodland Camo and Grayboe M5 DBM...
  7. tcarroll217

    Optics FS: ZCO 527 MPCT2 SOLD

    I’m selling 2 ZCO 527 MPCT2 with tenebraex caps. One has a 6001 spuhr and the other has ARC rings. The one pictured is in the spuhr and I’m asking $3550 shipped for it. I’ll add pictures of the other when I get them but I’m asking $3450 for it. Both will come in original box and papers.
  8. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories traded

    Have a set of new, never-mounted Vortex PMR 1” rings. Hoping to trade for something similar in 34mm. Other brands are fine. Thanks!
  9. jbell74

    SOLD ARC M10 Scope Rings

    Excellent condition 2 1 pair available: 34-24 and 30-28 $Sold per pair shipped CONUS 34-24 30-28
  10. E

    SOLD FS: (2) ARC Magazines

    Selling two used ARC magazines. Switched to MDT magazines and they’ve been sitting around. Worked fantastic in my MDT ACC with 6mm Dasher. $100 for both, shipped. Not interested in splitting. PayPal (F&F or + 4%), Venmo, USPS MO, cash. More info/pictures upon request.
  11. B

    Top scope brand that costs 4k+ keeps cracking

    About 3 months ago I bought top of the line scope. (I don’t want to use the manufactures name because they’ve been great). I mounted it on my 6.5 creedmoor with ARC m-brave mount, torqued to 49inch pounds. (It’s the fixit sticks limiter I had). I took it out to shoot for the second time and...
  12. aroddc3

    WTB ARC 36mm 1.1” Medium Height Rings

    As described above. Looking for a pair. Will buy for cash or I have a set of high ZCO brand rings to trade if interested.
  13. Billiam1211

    SOLD [SOLD] WTS - 35mm Flatline Ops Halo

    [SOLD] American Rifle Company M10 Rings $160 shipped - 35mm - Medium Height (1.10") Flatline Ops Halo 35mm $75 shipped Both items are LNIB. Purchased them for a Leupold Mark5HD 7-35x and ended up returning it. Please contact me with any questions.
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD ARC M10 30mm low rings (24mm / .94”)

    These are a catch and release for me. Bought from another member, anticipating getting a 30mm scope, ended up with a 34mm. Very close to new condition. $130 shipped conus PayPal f&f, Venmo, or you pay fees
  15. E

    SOLD ARC M10 35mm High (1.26”) rings

    For sale, one pair of American Rifle Company 35mm high rings (1.26”). Torqued to spec, I’ve had them for a year and just moved to the MBRACE mount by ARC. $130 shipped All payment methods accepted. No trades
  16. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD WTS/WTT: Vortex Razor Gen II 3-18 EBR-7C MRAD - *Price Drop*

    Have a Vortex Razor Gen ii 3-18 with EBR-7C MRAD reticle in excellent condition, with box, manuals, sunshade, etc. Also have ARC M10 low rings for it. Looking to trade for a Mark 5 3.6-18 TMR. It does not need to be like new, well loved is fine as long as the glass is clean. Cash price: $1395...
  17. J

    Accessories WTB ARC M10 QD-L mount

    If your looking to upgrade to the new ARC M-Brace and have a OD-L mount that you are replacing I would be interested in buying. Looking for 34 and/or 35mm in a high mount. Let me know what your wanting in cash or possible trade items. Thanks
  18. Nicholi2789

    Optics American Rifle Company M10 rings - 36 mm high

    Hey guys, I have an absolutely brand new set of American Rifle Company M10 rings for sale. 36 mm for a ZCO and 32 mm height (1.26” highs). Best rings out there in my opinion. Save $40 on a set. Asking 140$ shipped. thanks!
  19. Dr. Davy Jones

    Firearms WTB: ARC Mausingfield SA closed top…

    Hi all, I’m interested in just an action OR a barreled action in 6.5 creedmoor. Let me know whatcha got. Thanks!
  20. S

    Accessories WTS - American Rifle Company ARC M10 Rings

    ARC M10 rings, 34mm, low. Very lightly used. $120 shipped. PayPal FF preferred.