1. J

    Firearms WTS: *Price Lowered*. Saiga .223/5.56 with Flare Magwell Speedload

    For sale is a used 16 inch Saiga in .223/5.56 caliber. Barrel is threaded, black stained wood stock and handguard, flare magwell speed load. The rifle is a slanted receiver with same cut as Vepr so the fire control group doesn't need a conversion, stock adapter is available from Krebs and...
  2. ECPrecision307

    Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper Issue

    So, I have been running the Intellidropper for almost a year now without a hiccup...until now. As I was almost done with a batch of 22-250 the other night, it shut off mid charge and then turned back on. I checked to make sure my power cord wasn’t loose or anything like that, no issues. I...
  3. E

    Photos Arsenal SAS M-7