1. 2

    Suppressors ATF marking requirements

    I have seen this asked a bunch lately so I did some research. This info applies to "firearms" which includes silencers and is directed to the manufacturer (<span style="font-weight: bold">you</span> on an ATF Form 1). The Form 1 is somewhat vague in this area so here we go. All the following...
  2. sigyman

    Suppressors ATF Suppressor BS!!!!!!

    Guys here is some info from a buddy of mine that just got this news from YHM this morning Emailed YHM about getting a new piston for my Cobra so I could put on my Sig and this is what I got back. Sir, Unfortunately I have bad news. We were finially notified by ATF Monday morning that we can...
  3. JCH

    Suppressors 10 weeks for ATF to cash check??

    I finished my Form 4 and sent in a Certified Bank check to the ATF for a SWR Omega 10 weeks ago. After 9 weeks of my check not cashing I called the ATF and wasn't given an explanation. So I called my dealer who was very concerned and very helpful and started calling them himself to find out what...
  4. JCH

    Suppressors Calling ATF to check on Form 4

    I submitted a form 4 to transfer a suppressor. How do I call and check on the status of the submission? Do I simply call the ATF and ask for whoever is handling my states submissions or what? All help is appreciated as this is my first form 4 submission.
  5. riley5001

    Suppressors ATF waitig,waiting,waiting

    I've been waiting for my suppressor since 12/08. Dealer sent form 4 back early April. WTF, does anybody know how long it's taking now. I have friend who's neighbor ordered a SBR early Feb and got in Apr. Why the F%[email protected] am I still waiting. We both live in the same state and area.
  6. LSOSGT1109

    Which ATF Form?

    Which form do I use to apply for a stamp and register a rifle as an SBR? Is it the form 3?