1. S

    210 Bergers

    I just picked up some 210 Bergers for my 300wm. I thought that I read somewhere that they perform best seated into the lands is this true? Thanks
  2. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing 180 bergers in Rem WSM Action

    Does a Remingtom WSM receiver (used for a custom 7wsm) need to have the feed ramp altered to feed 180 bergers out of an AICS mag? TIA
  3. S

    Range Report 22 cal 90gr Bergers at 3100fps,twist?

    Do I need a 7.5 or 8 twist to fully stabilize these at this speed?Any one doing this? Steve
  4. Freeze

    208 Amax's or 210 bergers in 308

    Hey, I have gone through the 308 load thread and haven't really found much there. Wondering if anyone has had decent luck with either the 208's or 210's out of a 308. I have a 1-10 twist rock creek at 22 inches and currently run 175 bergers out of it. Not even really sure if its worth it, but...