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  1. Dr. Davy Jones

    Optics Nikon Prostaff 3s 10x42 binos - $75

    Great condition, barely used. Just no longer need. $80 shipped conus Cross-listed
  2. The_Hoosier97

    Optics WTS: Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Binos *not rangefinding*

    $1450 shipped, paid through PayPal F&F Up for sale is a practically new binocular that is an industry leading model. Some of the clearest SCHOTT glass with Zeiss’ lens coating allows for the long range shooter, hunter, or average joe to have the best binoculars on the market. 42mm Objective...
  3. Dr. Davy Jones

    Optics Looking for cheap Binos…

    Looking for a set someone has kicking around that’s not getting used anymore. Trying to keep it as cheap as possible. Here’s a few I know I like- Nikon prostaff 3s 8x42 or 10x42 Vortex Crossfire 8x42 or 10x42 Shoot me a PM with what you got. Thanks!
  4. Bolt Thrower

    SOLD SOLD Vortex Fury HD 5000 10x42 Rangefinding Binocular

    SOLD Vortex Fury HD 5000 10x42 Rangefinding Binocular - $850 shipped Used but in good condition. Comes with original packaging Glasspak binocular harness, tethered objective lens covers, eyepiece cover and CR2 battery. Payment via discreet PayPal F&F.
  5. Jts2581

    Optics Leipold BX-5 HD 15x56 Binos (New)

    Have a NIB pair of Leipold BX-5 15x56 binos. Not interested in trades at the moment. Killer pair of binos and for a great price. If you have any questions, send me a message on here or text me at 321-412-3060. Cheapest I’ve seen them is 1399. Asking 1100$ shipped to conus.
  6. deepsea

    Mounting Binos to Tripod

    Is there a general consensus on best way to mount Binos to a tripod? I will be running SLC15x56 to an anvil 30/RRS22I. I know the 3 most popular options are the (1) RRS Cinch (2)Outsoorsmans (3) Swaro TA-SLC mount, anybody with experiance with all 3?
  7. Nicholi2789

    Optics Sold

  8. msting22

    SOLD FS: Vortex VIPER HD 15X50 Binos

    Up for sale are lightly used Vortex Viper HD 15x50 Binos. These Binos are crystal clear I'm only selling because I upgraded to a range finding set. Comes with Binos, case, neck strap and paperwork and have only been used for spotting at matches and hunting. I take very good care of my stuff and...
  9. Nicholi2789

    Optics Sold! All done.

    SOLD thanks!
  10. Nicholi2789

    Optics DONE-Please delete

    All done.
  11. S

    Optics (Sold) Vortex Viper HD 10x50 binoculars $375 tyd

    Like new Vortex Viper HD 10x50 binoculars. I bought rangefinder binoculars to shave weight off and no longer need these. They’ve never been taken into the field. Comes with Vortex bino harness. $375 tyd
  12. .284me

    Optics Leica Trinovid HD 10x42

    Bought new last year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these bino's. Only selling for a rangefinder combo. Comes with everything that was in the box when I got them. $800 shipped.
  13. Nicholi2789

    NEW Vortex Viper HD 10X42 F/T-F/S

    Have a brand new set of Vortex Viper HD 10X42 binos. Never even taken out yet. Glass is nice and clear. They are a perfect compact set for hiking around glassing. I want a set for spotting so I need more magnification. Would absolutely love to trade + cash on my end for some 15x56 Vipers or...
  14. R

    Rifle Scopes Canon 15X50 "All Weather" Image Stabilized Binos

    In June or July 2005 I purchased a pair of Canon 15X50 "All Weather" Image Stabilized Binoculars. I thought they would be great for hunting and keeping an eye on our 800’ driveway. Until recently I had enjoyed great service but a couple of weekends ago I had a bunch of friends from a concealed...
  15. G

    Rifle Scopes Opinions on best binos for around $100?

    Need something halfway durable for work, will be used for cursory visual inspections on comms towers up to 100 ft tall. TIA gentlemen.
  16. Down Under Hunter

    WTB- Looking for Swaro 15 x 56 Slc Binos old model

    Can soemone help me out here and tell me why I cant post this listing in the optics for sale section ? It says I am unauthorised ? Can someone suggest where I might pick a set of these up. I am looking for excellent cond used or new. Fair price paid. Thanks all. DUH
  17. J

    Rifle Scopes Those eye pieces on binos that "wrap" around eyes

    I have seen some binos have eye pieces that "wrap" around your eyes a little more kinda like wings or something? I was told what they were called, but I forgot. Can I find an after market set for a pair of Minox BD's? Where would I find them? Does that take away from the original optics at...
  18. L

    Rifle Scopes Leupold MK4 Binos

    Anyone here have experience with them? Im thinkinig about getting a pair but have not gotten my hands on them yet. I like the idea of having the TMR in the binos for ranging and calling misses when spotting.
  19. DP425

    Rifle Scopes Compact Binos

    I've searched and didn't really come up with much. I'm looking for some compact binos that will be durable for the field and run me under $400. I'd prefer under $300, but if the general consensus is that a pair for $380 is the way to go, I could swing it. Also, they need to be something I...
  20. M

    Rifle Scopes stiener 8x30 military binos

    what has been your experience with these? and where is a good place to buy other than swfan and optics planet?