1. Jdowney37

    Accessories Atlas PSR w/pic rail mount and talons

    Atlas PSR standard height, with LW17 mount (quick disconnect pic rail) and Hawk Hill talons. The bipod is only 4 months old, it’s had very limited use and still looks new. Just decided to go with a Ckye pod and no longer need the PSR. Asking $350 shipped Items considered for trade: 153.5...
  2. wyo_lrhs

    Accessories Sinclair F-Class Bipod

    I'd like to sell or trade my Sinclair F-Class Bipod. It's the Sling Swivel Mount w/ Quick Adjust Elevation Knob model. It's barely been used and in great shape. $220 obo I would like to trade for an atlas bt65-nc or a warne skyline. Other trades welcome. Mostly interested in stuff for tikka...
  3. rpg777

    Accessories Bipods For Sale: Atlas PSR, Magpul

    Got two bipods for sale: Magpul M-Lok: $55 shipped Atlas BT46-NC (PSR) w/MPA RAT ARCA clamp: $300 shipped, or: bipod only: $240 shipped MPA RAT Adapter only: $75 shipped The Atlas and the MPA adapter are both basically brand new, been on about four or five range trips and sat on a bench. I...
  4. aroddc3

    SOLD Atlas CAL BT65 NC Bipod w/ RRS BTC-Pro Bipod Dual Clamp

    Atlas CAL BT65 NC bipod w/ RRS BTC-Pro Dual Clamp RRS Mount. Excellent Condition. $275 plus shipping. $275 Local Pickup in DFW. Discreet PayPal (F&F ONLY) or Venmo. Thanks for looking! PM me with any questions, thanks!
  5. Bolt Thrower

    SOLD Magpul M-LOK Bipod

    Magpul M-LOK Bipod, black. Part#: MAG933. Lightly used, very good condition. $70 shipped.
  6. RoadKing

    Accessories Cadex Falcon Bipod w/claw feet

    Black Cadex Falcon bipod with rubber and claw feet. This is not the QD version. $300 shipped.
  7. gcmiller04

    SOLD WTS Area419 Hellfire 6.5 Brake, Area419 Arcalock barricade stop, Atlas V8 BT10 w/ arcalock bipod

    For sale: ALL GONE. Thanks. Area419 Hellfire 6.5mm self timing brake, black nitrite with 5/8x24 adapter (had about 70 rounds through) - $120 obo Area419 Arcalock clamp barricade stop (like new, never used it, came on stock I last bought) - $60 obo Atlas V8 BT10-NC bipod (219.95 new) with...
  8. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD TBAC bipod spike feet and leg extensions

    Thunderbeast Arms spike feet and and leg extensions unopened in the package. $95 shipped conus for the pair.
  9. I

    Accessories NIB MDT Cykepod PRS with BTC

    Brand new Cykepod. Only taken out of box to inspect. Decided to go another direction. $625 shipped. PP friends and family ok or buyer pays 3% fee.
  10. KeithStone

    SOLD Atlas Bipod

    Used but in good condition. Area 419 arca, hawk hill talons, and defy clamp. $275 shipped *Edit Post was originally for a psr but after a member asked if the legs rotated I did some more looking and it’s a v8.
  11. KeithStone

    SOLD Atlas cal 2 screw

    Used but in good condition $215 shipped
  12. C

    Ckye-Pod Thumbscrew Hack

    I preferred the round thumbscrew from my first PRS bipod even though it was on a shitty Amazon/Chinese arca clamp (on RRS Harris adapter). The ckye pod's triangular thumbscrew was just too "course" and required putting my whole hand into it versus just rolling it with my fingers. I found a...
  13. vvayvvard

    Accessories WITHDRAWN

    Got a brand new Fortmeier OTT bipod for sale here, H210 model (210mm max leg extension). Currently set up for 12 o'clock mounting (top rail), but apparently the mounting spigot can be removed from the clamp and flipped to allow mounting on the 6 o'clock rail position. Incredibly sturdy and...
  14. vegashelipilot

    SOLD CKYE Pod PRS with RRS SC-LR Clamp

    MDT CKYE Pod, PRS length. Not sure of which gen. Excellent condition. RRS SC-LR SOAR clamp (quick release for both ARCA and pic rails). Also comes with the original ARCA clamp. $525 Shipped *SPF
  15. Turbwhistle

    SOLD WTS Warne Skyline bipod arca mount

    Selling my Warne skyline bipod with arca mount, shows signs of use but overall good condition. Asking $280 shipped PP F&F
  16. Chasingpro

    SOLD WTS Magpul MLOK Bipod

    Used once for the range when sighting in rifle. Basically new condition $90 tyd pp f&f
  17. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD: MDT CKYE-Pod ARCA rail mount like new in box

    MDT CKYE-Pod like new in box. This is the standard Gen-1 version with the ARCA rail mount. $340 shipped to lower 48 states. PayPal friends and family only please.
  18. A

    SOLD Accu Tac BR-4

    Edit for price drop: $260 shipped f&f or add 3%. in great condition only used a few times works flawlessly.
  19. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: Atlas B10 Bipod with or without ARCA adapter

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD Atlas B10 Used but in great condition. Pictures show WITH Wiser Precision ARCA Adapter. See pricing options below. PayPal Friends and Family ONLY please. Thanks! Atlas B10 WITH Wiser Precision ARCA Adapter: $235.00 shipped to lower 48 Atlas B10 WITHOUT : $185.00...
  20. ShotgunDiesel

    Accessories Two bipods $100

    Three bipods up to go along with my room cleaning. Harris is sold Second is a Caldwell accumax I believe. They call it 6-9 but it’s a little taller. More like 7-10. Picatinny mount $80 shipped obo. Third vanguard equalizer pro 1. About the same size as the Caldwell, picatinny mount...