body armor

  1. S


    Looking into body armor at the wrong time. I should have jumped on it years ago... BUT - Hoplite/LTC vs Hesco? Any other NIJ certified brands worth checking out? Looking for Lvl IV's.
  2. Strykervet

    Accessories IOTV Med./Long Armor,...SOLD

    ***Deal Change: $1300 as is shown, or $1500 and includes the 3 day pack below*** IOTV, Improved Outer Tactical Vest, Point Blank mfg. Current issue. Inserts never machine washed, always stored "as worn" flat or standing.. You can read up on details about 'em online. The vest is used but the...
  3. Vamike9

    HR4568 Body Armor Ban!

    The left will never stop! since making you and I less safe is their goal, they are determined to do that...
  4. JaysonF

    Ban on body armor in the works!

    Leave it to California to force their insecurities and lies on the rest of the nation! While I know there will be opposition to firearms laws being passed, I find it difficult to believe that anyone in Washington will outright oppose this. Buy your armor while you still can! Moving more and more...