bolt action

  1. A

    Firearms WTS Christensen Arms 221 fireball package

    For sale; Christensen Arms 221 fireball bolt action rifle. ($1500)only 200 rounds down the barrel. This is their "Ridgeline" rifle with a Remington 700 action. Christensen Arms made this custom so it's one of a kind. Timney Elite trigger, 22" barrel and gun weighs 7.6 pounds with scope. Carbon...
  2. Triton28

    Firearms Bergara B-14 HMR 300 PRC

    Looking to sell my like new Bergara B-14 HMR 300 PRC. Only 34 rounds through it. -20 moa rail -ODIN works Atlas Comp -60 rounds Hornady 225 ELD Match Asking $1200obo shipped to your ffl. New to site, mainly been on for the better pet of a decade as clay targets have always...
  3. D

    Bergara build question

    I was curious if anybody out there has done this or thought of doing this. I really like the Christensen arms mpr for its chassis (lightweight and folding stock) but to save cost and arguably a better rifle, though about dropping a bergara into a Mpr chassis for rem 700 and clones. Only...
  4. A

    New rifle.....New Shooter....tikka gets it done!

    Good evening all, Never shot a bolt action rifle before....bought a tikka CTR, mounted a Bravo Chassis and replaced the trigger spring. Considering that I have no clue what I’m doing I think the rifle performed exceptionally at 100 yards! Should be able to tighten my groups going forward. See pics.
  5. Festeraxp

    I'm here looking for expert advice.

    Hello gentlemen, I posted yesterday in the Military/LEO forum. I am looking at either buying or making an M24 aka Remington 700 rifle. I do not have the resources to buy a $3000 rifle w/o an optic, first and foremost. I am wondering though. Can these rifles be purchased? (yes i know how much...
  6. CJP5

    Accessories SOLD FS Accuracy International two stage competition trigger.

    Selling a lightly used Accuracy International two stage trigger and the new curved trigger shoe. It has about 250ish rounds on it, the trigger was used for a demo rifle. These triggers are amazing and fully tunable to whatever weight or stage you want. If you were to order from Euro Optic or...
  7. Pain92

    Rimfire WTT for a 22lr precision rifle.

    Im looking for a 22lr bolt action precision rifle to get into the 22lr world with as a trainer. Not sure what to look for, back in the day I did have have a Savage TRR and loved it. But want to try something different. For trade I can offer a custom sig P320 with pmm barrel and comp and...
  8. B

    WTB - Seekins Coupon Code

    Are there any 30% or 40% Seekins discount/coupon codes floating around? Please PM me if you have one and want to offload it. Thanks! Cant stand my .308 gas gun any more, all the time and money trying to get this thing to settle down and put out good groups (at least 1 MOA at any given range)...
  9. Dvando20

    Savage 110E build durability?

    Would like some input on the durability of my older Savage 110E action currently chambered in 30-06 with blind mag. I am curious if this is a rifle that can be a good, durable "all purpose" rifle. I plan to swap to a bull barrel in same caliber with a M40 B&C stock. It will be used for anything...
  10. Yochran

    Best .338 Lapua Magnum under $2000?

    Hey forum, A while ago I took an interest in long range shooting/long range hunting. I bought my first rifle that would have been better than the old .30-06 that I used to use. It was a 7mm Rem Mag, and still performs great out to about 1100 yards, pulling off Sub-MOA shots for me. Past that...
  11. CJP5

    Firearms ****SOLD**** Accuracy International AXSA , Short Action, folder with extras

    Accuracy International AXSA , Sage Green Short Action, folder with extras Selling my AXSA, bought it to demo our new AI products and do not need it anymore. This rifle is very clean with even lower total round count, basically this gun is not even broke in yet! If you are thinking about...
  12. jhunter

    Firearms 243 WSSM MPA Chassis Model 700

    Accurate Ordnance built 243 WSSM lightly used never in a comp or on a barricade. 130 rounds fired. Brass and dies available. $1850 shipped to your FFL -Trued Model 700 professionally completed by accurate Ordnance -Rock Creek 1-8” 26” barrel 5/8-24 threads -Jewel trigger set at 1lb...
  13. Rockin A Archer

    Shooting hand grip (traditional stock)

    Hey everybody, I’m new to long range shootIng and am trying to figure out how best to get a grip with my firing hand on more traditional stocks with a flatter angle and still get that 90 degree trigger control I hear everyone talk about. I was hoping you guys would be able to give me some...
  14. sniperk1ng20

    Firearms **HUGE PRICE DROP**NEW FULL Custom Sniper Rifle 6.5CM Curtis Axiom, OC

    Make: A-Team Precision's featured rifle Model: A-Team Precision with Curtis Custom Action Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Location (city or county): Lake Forest OC Guns Price: $4000 - SPF Will ship (Y/N): On your dime - OC CA -Curtis Customs Axiom -Manners T4A custom team stock with mini chassis...
  15. L

    M110 place holder, and growing into a system

    Hello everyone this is my first post. I recently got a chance to work with my units (ANG) sniper section and was really interested in moving into their teams. They squared me away on literature (accuracy international, Ryan Cleckner) and told me to get as much shooting with a 308 as I can. As I...
  16. A

    Remington Defense Concealable Sniper Rifle

    I finally went ahead with a nice 308 bolt action. I had been planning for a while on a Surgeon Concealable Sniper Rifle but was led astray by a fortuitous google search, and I picked up a Remington CSR. I’ve only had it for a couple weeks, but it has been pretty amazing so far. Also, this is my...
  17. Wake_907

    Kimber hunter riffle

    im really considering buying a kimber hunter to be my primary hunting rifle in alaska but im a little concerned with the magazine and action and im wondering if anyone here has experience with the rifle and has had any malfunctions.
  18. ATwoSomePlace

    Review First Build List...Yeah I know SMH.

    I am currently deployed and I have put together a base list of items that I plan on purchasing for my first bolt gun. I add that I am deployed because lead times are not a big deal and I can get some discounts. If you have experience in any of the parts, I am open to different parts and your...
  19. CompMatch91

    Firearms M1A Socom II TRADE/SELL

    Used Springfield Armory Socom II .308 comes with 2 mags. open to trades for bolt guns, barreled actions, 338lm, defiance action, scopes, or pistols + Cash $1200.00
  20. G

    Range Report Accuracy International AT 308 range report. Handloads

    I just tried some of hand loads last weekend. 24 inch AI barrel I swear to god, my rem 700 shoots a lot better. most of my rem 700 shot falls under .2~.5 moa with 168 HPBT 41 grains IMR 4895. I bought the AIAT used, I am not sure how many rounds it has gone through but whatever, I will...