1. JaysonF

    Rifle Scopes Tracking Point?

    Has anyone else seen this system? Official Site ? XactSystem? Precision Guided Firearms | TrackingPoint I just watched The Colbert Report and I saw they were making fun of it. Colbert On Tracking Point?s Zero Skill Required Assassin Rifle Systems starting at $22,500... It sure has the...
  2. one shot ST

    Rifle Scopes S&B 5-25x56 PMII P4 and Barrett BORS

    Finally I got them, waiting for my Accuracy International in .338 I'm thinking to mount the items on my M700.. About S&B nothing more to say, very good optics, I'm already using a S&B short dot on my EBR About the BORS waiting to try it I've founded on the web different things... for...