1. B

    Night Vision Nox18, PGD Arch, Mathews V3

    Unloading some goodies to cover aircraft related expenses. All prices include CONUS shipping. 1. ($5700) Nox 18. Purchased from a SH member last year. Mounted and shot on a crossbow (<5 bolts). Used as a helmet mounted scanner 95% of the time (25ish hours total?). Includes all original...
  2. Sminja19

    SOLD SOLD NEW Bow Sight HHA Tetra

    Hi all, Selling a brand new, mounted once HHA Tetra Single pin. Phenomenal sight, just don’t have the time to build out a bow like I thought I would. Mounted onto a riser once then taken off. Bought new a month ago for $250, selling for $200.
  3. Sminja19

    SOLD No Longer For Sale

    Up for sale is a used but in excellent working condition, Bowtech Prodigy. Has use marks here and there but you won’t notice them unless you’re looking for them. Will come with the bare bow with the QAD rest installed. Just had the bow gone over by my local shop, had the peep, rest cable release...
  4. Safety_3rd

    Accessories Bowtech prodigy with 80 pound limbs

    Want to trade or sell 650$ Origional owner 80 pound limbs Vapor trail pro v rest 41mm axcel accuclick single pin New Vapor trail strings Things I'm looking for: Long action (338 lapua/ 300 Norma) parts Sti pistols 30" or longer shotguns Manners stocks 460 revolver Bolt action Grendel or 22...
  5. S

    Hunting & Fishing Bow fishing gear???

    It's been many years since I have been. Now that my 9 y/o is old enough to mess around with a bow he's interested. The equip I used looks A LOT like the same stuff I can buy locally. My question is what is good equip for a guy to get into without spending a fortune??? If anyone has a bow...
  6. lone_soldier

    Hunting & Fishing looking for a bow for the wife

    i been looking for a bow for the wife, i just bought a new bowtech and figured id get her one so she can go to range with and enjoy it as well. anyway, i looked around and didnt see a specific womens line, my stepmother shoots a matthews, but my wife is 5' 1" so i need one that fits her...