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  1. LilGucci

    What are your favorite cars/car brands?

    What car brands did you grow up loving and why? Do you still love them today? What was your first car? What car brands do you love today? What types of cars/trucks/SUVs do you like today? What is your dream 5-car garage? (if money wasn't an issue) What is your practical 3-car garage? What are...
  2. Dsparil

    Powder brands and amount

    How many lbs of powder usually go into 1000 rounds of .308? 9mm? what brands are used for .308 and for 9mm. 9mm would be standard combat/range ammo. nothing special. .308 would be precision rounds. 168gr. Basically an imitation of the FGMM round if I can swing it. need advice plz. thanks.