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  1. S

    Reloading Equipment RCBS Brass Boss Case Prep Station

    New in box RCBS Brass Boss Case Prep Center. Never been used or out of the box. Just never got into reloading like I thought I would. Price is shipped. Can take venmo, zelle, paypal for payment. $150 shipped obo.
  2. D

    Ammo 40 S&W Range Pickup Brass

    1500+ Piece of 40 S&W Range Pickup Brass $55 Shipped
  3. jayBox

    SOLD 6.5 creedmoor SRP starline brass

    296 pieces of same lot starline small rifle primer pocket 6.5 creedmoor brass 144 are once fired with a nice and mild 2580 FPS load (with a 140gr out of a 24” barrel) 70 have been just mandreled and chamfered/debarred, no resize. They were primed but were all deprimed with a decap die. Still...
  4. K

    Bushing die on virgin brass

    I’ve started running my virgin brass through my expander ball/bushing die for my 6GT before loading, and then when sweating bullets about one in every 10 rounds i suddenly feel a lot less resistance in the seating die and the bullet seats like 4-5 thousandths more than the rest. Is this just the...
  5. Flappy

    6.5 Grendel Ammo Issues/Pressure Issues

    Hey all, A few years back I bought a 16 inch 6.5 Grendel upper. Ended up not really shooting it much because of ammo and other stuff, and decided I would take it out and shoot it to make some brass this weekend, now that I have a press and dies and chrono etc. So I set up my target and...
  6. J

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 PRC nosler brass $75

    50 rounds of Nosler premium brass new in box and 42 rounds of once shot Hornady outfitter brass. Looking for $75
  7. tetonsplit

    Accessories MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor/ MPA Brass Catcher

    NEW - MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor - Matrix/Matrix Pro with Muzzle Brake for Sale for $60 shipped NEW - MPA Brass Catcher for sale for $120 shipped
  8. M

    WTB 7 WSM Brass

    As the title says, looking for brand new 7 WSM brass.
  9. Doc_Holliday

    Reloading Equipment Updated: Hornady 308 Once Fired Brass 400pcs

    I have roughly 400 pieces of once fired Hornady 308 brass. $30 per hundo.
  10. J

    Am I being an idiot - Why am I getting pressure signs here?

    The rifle is a 22” Bartlein 6.5cm barrel chambered by bugholes with a terminus Zeus qc. About 160 rounds on the barrel so far, mostly not suppressed. Same issue with two different loads - 143gr eldx with 40gr h4350 with br2 and COAL of 2.864” - 140gr eldm with 39gr h4350 with br2 and COAL of...

    SOLD WTS: Brass - Once Fired - Hornady 300 PRC - 140pcs

    I have 140 rounds of once fired Hornady 300 PRC brass. These were the 225 match. $$$old
  12. kohltonclouser

    WTB 6x47 Brass

    Looking to get some 6x47 Brass. Currently shooting 6.5x47 necked down Lapua Brass. Let me know if you have any you want to get rid of.
  13. brycemiller34

    SOLD Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor LRP Brass (1087 Pieces)

    1087 pieces of Lapua large rifle primer 6.5 Creedmoor brass available. All once fired from the same lot of Berger 140 Hybrid Target factory ammo. Separately bagged in 100 round bundles. Located in Phoenix, AZ area for local pickup or can ship to your door. $800
  14. ridgerunner406

    Ammo Peterson 300 Weatherby Magnum Brass - 100ct

    Selling (2) 50 round boxes of brand new, Peterson brass for 300 Weatherby Mag. $180 Shipped.
  15. G

    Reloading Equipment Once fired 300PRC brass

    Have 336 pieces of once fired Hornady brass. Was shot through a Berger HMR. Would like $180 shipped for all 336 pieces.
  16. 6mmMike

    Reloading Equipment New Alpha 6bra brass. Sold

    I have 350 plus new unfired Alpha 6bra cases for sale. My bra chamber is cut for lapua and didn’t like it. $425 shipped and insured and I’ll throw in the fired cases.
  17. TxDerek

    Reloading Equipment ADG 300PRC 100/ct FS

    100 pieces of brand new virgin 300prc ADG brass. $200 shipped
  18. Benfield_Precision

    SOLD 7mm LRM brass/dies/reamer

    Everything you need minus the barrel. Brass: 15 Primed ready to load cases, 71 once fired cases from my rifle, 100 NEW unfired cases, 94 once fired brass from Gunwerks, 4 new primed pieces (need sizing), 23 once fired primed cases. Dies: Hornady custom FL sizer match bushing die and seating...
  19. Halvy

    SOLD 6 Dasher Alpha ocd Brass

    Brand new 299 pcs of OCD Alpha brass 51 have been primed with cci small rifle match primers. I just went a different direction $340 shipped obo
  20. WittyWook

    SOLD 6.5 CM Hornady Brass Once Fired

    I have roughly 800 6.5 CM Hornady Match once fired brass. I weighted it out to 19.6lbs. They’re about 10g per brass and at roughly 453g to a lb, I get 872 with that math. I’ll call it 800 though to not disappoint. $400 OBO