1. S

    Po Man’s AI

    Being a bit of a caliber whore, I wanted a single action that I could easily swap barrels and one that has a large offering of prefits. I’m also a tad bit frugal too. That led me to a Bighorn short action Origin to start with. It was a great action and I had the ability to run barrels cut for a...
  2. D

    SOLD For Sale - KRG Bravo Tikka T3 (AICS)

    This is a used stock but as you can see in the pictures that it has all the parts and original box. I am asking for $300 shipped (US only). Dan
  3. T

    Picked Up A Vudoo, Man was i wrong

    Gang, I picked up a Vudoo yesterday, got a scope put on her and took outside to my backyard range. Man, my Tikka, Kidds, Annie and 452's are great shooters and for the longest time I couldn't see spending the extra cash for a Vudoo although I knew one day I'd end up with one. Well the stars...
  4. TAC338guy

    Suppressors ISO SilencerCo Bravo ASR Mount (AC824)

    Everyone is sold out with no time frame for the next shipment. I am looking for the AC824 ASR Bravo mount for my Hybrid .46 suppressor. If you have one I would be glad to buy it from you!
  5. B

    Gunsmithing Mausingfield in KRG Stocks

    Has anyone fit a Mausingfield SA into any of the KRG stocks. Specifically the Bravo. ... I am told there are all the same from a fitment standpoint. KRG responded to an email and said they were not aware of any issues, but had not personaly experienced that scenario. Anything to share would be...
  6. Kinetic Moose

    Accessories SOLD KRG BRAVO Tikka Chasis with two ACCURATE mags $350 Shipped

    Selling my stock and two accurate mags. JUST THE STOCK... lol i know you people...
  7. 20XI

    20-X Industries - Adjustable Firearm Support - Path Forward? - Now with Demo Videos

    Update 2/18/2020 I finished the demonstration videos sooner than I thought I would. Please find them below and let me know what you guys think about the functionality of my AFS. Also, I know everyone isn't on the Hide. If you don't mind pass along the YouTube links to your friends/fellow...
  8. K

    KRG Bravo chassis LH mod help

    I have a KRG Bravo chassis with a Big Horn Action. It has been modified to accept the left handed action. I have posted pics of the cut out part. My question is what can I do to smooth out the stock material to make it look a little bit better? I am also using AI magazines and it is pretty rough...
  9. Kinetic Moose

    SOLD KRG Bravo Chasis R700 SA inlet with ARCA rail installed WTS WTT $420 Shipped

    I have a new out of the box and bolted on the rifle then unbolted(changed my mind on the rifle) Tan Bravo chassis. I'd like to get a magnum action bravo chassis for a 300PRC build because why not??? PM with questions, paypal is fine. cant upload a pic from my Mac.. still learning....
  10. DogBone87

    Good idea BCM..... Bad timing (am i screwed?)

    I bought an upper from Bravo about 2 weeks ago. Spent around 900 on it and she arrived in less than a week (no 2week wait like others!!). She is a beauty, 16" mid-length BFH with the centurion c4 rail 12"; fit and finish is flawless. Everything was in good shape except my Travis Haley DVD...
  11. L

    Nine Eight Bravo

    Sorry, searched everywhere and find very limited info on the Barrett 98B. ANyone have some "action" photos.....setups, 1000m target pics, etc? Or steer me to a link with general discussion on same. THanks