1. JustAnOldCoot

    Need Advice on Parker Hale M84, M85 action and bolt...

    Hi all, Thanks for any specifics you can provide. I recently acquired a Parker Hale Norwegian Steel Original 28" heavy profile Sniper Barrel in the Arsenal Wrap and cosmoline, and I'm in search of the appropriate action for it. I have read that the M84 action has a different barrel thread...
  2. S

    British Columbia 3 day tactical rifle championship

    For anyone on the west coast there's the British Columbia tactical rifle championship in June, which is held at a military range in southern BC close to the Canada US border. The event is three days of shooting fun - 75m to 600m, and there's also a 3-gun match. The 1st day is sight-in, the 2nd...
  3. Fighthard

    Maggie’s British Waterborne Assault in Iraq.

    Worth watching for a good laugh. Happy Easter.
  4. 762Fundi

    British Aerospace Defense Royal Ordinance???

    If wrong forum sorry, but not sure where to put it... British Aerospace Defense Royal Ordinance 7.62 Ball L2A2. Does anyone have any experience with this ammo? What can you tell me? Thanks!
  5. RollingThunder51

    Photos British Billie Piper

    WWI, very early adoption of sniper's robe.
  6. J

    Fieldcraft Camo tape your rifle: British style.

    Does any body know what brand of tape do British snipers apply to their rifle? where to find sany? Thanks