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    Broken firing Pin
  2. Bigwheels

    Rifle Scopes My 7th broken scope.

    I have been working up a new load for my hunting rifle. A Win M70 BOSS in 338 WM. I was having trouble getting the load to shoot groups, & thought it was either me, or the loads. After a long trial I thought I finally had it set, & went to Zero, & verify come ups, & I couldn't put 2 rounds...
  3. P

    McM A5 broken cheekpiece

    I noticed yesterday that my cheekpiece was a bit loose. Thinking I just had to tighten the two screws, I took it apart and noticed one of the screws floating around. The stock is BRAND NEW and has had maybe 5-10 rounds through it and then this happened. Does anybody have any suggestions for...
  4. P

    Broken Square Deal B

    Tonight while loading .45acp on my SDB the shellplate bolt broke in half. I contacted Dillon for a replacement. Is this a common bolt that I could find locally? I am in the midst of several matches and really need to load more ammo. Thanks, Jim
  5. E

    Gunsmithing S&W 625 broken yoke retaining pin

    The pin that holds the yoke that, in turn, holds the cylinder is broken. In the hole, I can see the pin and what seems to be a spring. How easy is this for me to repair? Im pointing at the rod with the grove that is held in by the little pin, with the oven thermometer.