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  1. BigBrother

    When cleaning- bore brush or no?

    So, I've been cleaning since I got my first rigs about a year and a half ago using the Otis kits, with BreakFree as my all purpose cleaner. So far no complaints. But, I'm beginning to doubt the use of bore brushes entirely. I used to follow the Otis instructions to a T, always wet patch...
  2. E

    Gunsmithing Barrel cleaning, bore brush and chamber brush.

    How often are you using the bore brush if your patches come out dark on the first swipe and successively lighter on the following swipes with patches. In five passes with the patches, I'm really not getting any dirt. Are you using your brush at all or just using the patches? How often do...
  3. O

    Remington M40 barrel brush "feel"

    I've already stated how much I've wanted this particular rifle and finally got one the other day. I Love it!!! It shoots as good as or better than anything I've shot to date. Here's my "issue": When I brought it home from the first range outing yesterday I decided I'd clean the bore. (I don't...