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  1. rpg777

    SOLD Bushnell Tac Optics 15-45x60 Spotting Scope

    Bushnell Tac Optics spotter, 15-45x60 straight scope with Mil-hash reticle. The glass is in perfect condition, no blemishes. There is an issue with the focus ring which apparently is common with these scopes: the adhesive holding the rubber grip in place, uh, sucks. So you sorta have to grab the...
  2. S

    Optics Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 Rangefinder Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth

    Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 rangefinder, this model has applied ballistics and bluetooth pairing features and is new in box. No illumination, but has angle comp, archery, and other features. It is this model if you want to know more about the ins and outs of this rangefinder:click here. Retail...
  3. The-shooter

    SOLD MDT weights

    Full set of internal weight $130 Acc butt stock weight $30
  4. R

    WTB Bushnell Match Pro ED @ $500

    Hi, Currently looking for a MPED for 500$, I'm newer to sniperhide but I have plenty of online purchase experience from GAFS, let me know! Thanks!
  5. The-shooter

    SOLD Gen 1 Vudoo

    Selling my gen 1 Vudoo with triggertech field. It has a 16 inch kukri barrel. The barrel only has about 2000 rounds though it. Sold
  6. The-shooter

    SOLD Arken ep5 mil

    Selling my arken ep5 in mil. It was only mounted a 22lr. Comes with everything pictured. The rings are arken rings and it does have flip up scope caps that I never used. Asking $400
  7. The-shooter

    SOLD Cz 457 MDT

    I am selling my fully upgraded Cz 457 22lr. It is sitting in an mdt acc. That has been cerakoted a color called mongoose. It also has a 20” threaded lilja barrel, timney hit trigger, grey ops weights, area 419 50moa rail, arken ep5 mil scope, arken rings, 2 12 round mags, and a bag rider. I...
  8. Spikediesel

    SOLD Bushnell LRTS 4.5-18 FDE

    Up for sale is my Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS 4.5-18x44 in FDE with zero stop and G3 FFP reticle. The scope comes with sunshade, AADmount caps, throw lever, bikini covers, neoprene scope coat, lens cloth and scope tool. Condition is excellent. $750 shipped *Sold*
  9. OGER

    SOLD Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS 4.5-18 FDE

    Selling my Bushnell Elite Tac LRTS 4.5-18x44 in FDE with the G3 reticle. Bought this about a year ago on the Hide and just replaced it with a DMRii Pro. Scope is in great condition other than the small rash on the windage turret. Asking $775 shipped CONUS - includes the Seekins Precision rings...
  10. Lemon_x47

    Optics Reduced** Leupold mk4 12-40 TMR

    Leupold mk4 12-40 TMR reticle. Has signs of field use, it did me well for a long while, time to move on. Comes with Triad tactical cover. No scratches on glass, zoom is buttery smooth. $1150 shipped (conus), PayPal F&F.
  11. CSTactical

    SOLD Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56 MRAD Riflescope in stock!

    We just received a batch of Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56 MP53056DMI $699.99 https://cstactical.com/bushnell-match-pro-ed-5-30x56/ Purpose-built for the competitive and advanced shooter, the Match Pro ED greatly expands on what the original Match Pro brought to the market. First off, we...
  12. SniperCook

    SOLD Bushnell rangefinder Nitro

    Bushnell RangeFinder with Full AB asking for 250 plus shipping
  13. SniperCook

    SOLD Bushnell forges with tripod and extras 15x56

    Bushnell forges 15x56 with Bushnell tactical tripod, swivel mount, bino harness asking for 550 plus shipping.
  14. Jdowney37

    Optics Bushnell Nitro 1800 ABS rangefinder

    Selling a like new Bushnell Nitro 1800 rangefinder. I bought this in November and only used twice, for a mile shoot and a PRS match. It worked perfectly for both matches. Can easily shoot targets out to a mile. Just decided to go with rangefinding binocs instead. The Bluetooth worked perfectly...
  15. rpg777

    SOLD Bushnell XRS3 6-36x56 Elite Tactical G4P Mil Reticle

    Selling a like-new Bushnell XRS3 6-36; perfect glass, no marks or dings on the scope itself, save for some marring on the elev turret cap screw (see pics). This thing is awesome, super bright all the way to 36x(!), the locking windage turret is great, super smooth and easy to engage/disengage...
  16. SniperCook

    Optics Bushnell Nitro 20x60x65 spotting scope

    In carrying case great condition spotting scope. Bushnell Nitro. Retails for 749.99. Selling for 625. PP F&F, Zelle, or local pick up in Orlando, Florida area.
  17. W

    Optics Bushnell LMSS2 Elite 8-40x60 - Tremor 4 Spotting Scope $1250 Shipped

    Out of box, never used Bushnell LMSS2 Elite 8-40x60 Spotting scope with Tremor 4 reticle inside. Optic and objective lens in perfect condition. I took it out of the box to pack with my range gear and never used it. Asking $1500 shipped no trades.
  18. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD ARC MBrace - $225 tyd

    Dmr3 is sold ARC Mbrace, for 34mm tube, 1.26” height. Excellent condition. $225 tyd conus PayPal f&f (or you pay fees) or Venmo
  19. J

    SOLD Bushnell DMR 2 PRO G3 with Vortex Defenders & Cole-Tac Cheat Sheet $900 shipped

    Bushnell DMR PRO G3 with box and everything from the factory. The Pro runs the same ED glass as the XRS. Also included are a set of Vortex Defenders and a cole-tac cheat sheet. $900 shipped to lower 48
  20. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: Bushnell Forge 15x56 Binoculars - Excellent Condition

    These have been sold Wife surprised me with a new set of Swaro's so no longer need these. Everything you see in the pics is included: Binocular Tripod Adapter, Premium EVA Foam Case, Premium Harness, Neckstrap, and lens covers Features of Bushnell Forge Binoculars BaK 4 Abbe Koenig Prism...