1. G

    Rifle Scopes USO Butler Creek Help

    I have a older US Optic scope and I need a Butler Creek cap size 63 obj. US Optics is out and will not get any more in. Anyone have a idea where I could find one. I have tried all the normal places. Does any one have one for sale. Or is there anyone else making a BC type cap that would fit. Thanks
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek scope cover size for Nightforce NXS

    any help appreciated .I have to order these online . Can someone please let me know the correct size that they have found for the NXS 5.5-22 x 56 Thanks Jason
  3. littlebarney

    Rifle Scopes butler creek covers for MST-100

    anyone know the butler creek scope cover sizes for a MST-100 ?? local store has covers on sale cheap.
  4. E

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek lens cap size for USO SN3 TPAL?

    Looking to order some Butler Creek flip up lens caps for my new super cool USO SN3 3.2-17X44 TPAL. Seems that the eyepiece and objective size falls between the available sizes. Anyone know offhand what size to order for the eyepiece and objective? Do I order the larger size and shim or do I...
  5. Swan

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek size for Millett TRS???

    What flip-up size for the Millett 4-16x50, eye and objective? ... and yes I used the search function.
  6. S

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek USO eyepiece

    Anybody know what # eyepiece for a 3.2-17 USO. Lost mine and need to order a new one. Thanks
  7. Hateca

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek size.

    Someone please confirm the Butler Creek obj cover for the Leupold 4.5-14x50 LR/Mark 4. Thanks
  8. Stringer

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek flip up size for a Leupy?

    I searched but didn't find so, What would be the appropriate Butler Creek flip up size for Leupold 4.5-14x40AO? The objective OD on this scope is 2.0" and the eye OD is 1.6". I think #14 eye (1.605") will work for the eye, but I'm not sure about the objective: #31 is listed as 1.998" #33 is...
  9. R

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek size for USO 3-17 X44 ergo

    I am trying to buy covers for my scope. The objective is 2.230 and the eye piece 1.715. Butler Creek has 30390 #39 at 2.220 and 30400 #40 at 2.250. eyepeice is 20180 #18 is 1.700 and 20190 #19 is 1.730. Should I go up or down? Anybody know the size USO recommends? I know the difference is...