1. jayd4wg

    Rifle Scopes calibrating a zoom mildot scope

    one of my current scopes is a mildot. I originally got it so that I could begin learning the mildot system and then fatefully installed it on a 22mag - yup...really putting them mildots to good use there. The gun shoots 1" high at 50, DNO at 100, and 5 inches low at 150. beyond that i have a...
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes Calibrating your NightForce Scope

    Hi Guys, As you all kindly offered loads of good advice when I was looking at scopes. I have now got my Nightforce 5.5 - 22 x 50 Zero Stop Scope (I picked it up from EuroOptic when I was in the states (Great Service btw). The scope is really clear but the way I have calibrated it so far is to...