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    Savage 10FP DBM question (Centerfeed)

    Hey guys, So I had a few questions about Savage DBM's in the newer centerfeed models: 1. Can the models that come from the factory with the Savage DBM (ie. 10FCP-K, Model 10 Precision Carbine, etc.) use the mags from the Model 10 BAS guns? 2. If not, could they be adapted to do so? 3...
  2. N

    Savage 10FP Centerfeed help...

    I have a savage 10fp centerfeed w/ a blind magazine. Come to find out I am screwed when it comes to finding an after market stock for a centerfeed with a blind magazine. I am basically looking now to buy a conversion for my savage 10fp so it can have the bottom metal with the detachable...