1. O

    Accessories Rimfire part out xlr envy/Cronus/ send it

    xlr envy pro with jv comp kit 1100 shipped rem 700 or clones ambidextrous Athlon crounus g2 1300 shipped Spurh 34 mil 0 moa 325 shipped Send it xsl 80 rough shape but still functions fine Nosler rdf 115 seconds appx 750 165$ shipped slight blemish still shot well out of my 6gt
  2. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Culverts!

    Hi everyone! This is "The Culverts" and you can shoot it a couple different ways...Let's take a look.
  3. The4GunGuy

    PRS Talk PRS Practice - Rock & Tires

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage with multiple props. Enjoy!
  4. MLC

    Hunting & Fishing First groundhog of the year with a centerfire.

    I popped a female at about 110 yards this evening using my 223AI with the Sierra 50 grain Blitz. The hog was facing away from me and I aimed for the middle and rolled it. I have the barrel threaded for my 30 cal suppressor and the sonic crack is about all you hear and I was duly impressed with...