1. threefeathers

    How has body armor changed prone rifle technique?

    I've heard that young soldiers at Ft. Benning are being taught a tripod, elbows and magazine with legs spread straight out instead of leg being drawn up. Also has the use of the sling as a stablizing unit been emphasized lately.
  2. N

    Fieldcraft One shot.. to multiple targets.. what changed?

    When did the snipers role go from One shot, then retreat.. to engaging multiple targets? Is it the resent war in Iraq that changed the focus of the snipers role? Now we see more rifles with magazines or semi-automatic ones.
  3. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Can a NSX nightforce be changed First focal plane

    since all other changes can be made to these scopes and I have 4 of them can the forst focal plane option also be done ?? I doubt it in that this would be too good to be true but ?? Bill
  4. S

    Ultra sonic cleaning changed brass ???

    Upon 3 firings I decided to do an ultra sonic clean on my 6mm AR Turbo. I full length sized the brass and ultra sonic cleaned them extra good/long to get all the carbon out of the insides.I used a 1/2 water and half vinegar solution with a squirt of dish soap. I let em dry and loaded them up...