1. Tactical30

    Bullet OAL and COAL CHARTS

    What websites show you the correct COAL for all the different brands of bullets? The SPEER book I got only shows 40gr,50gr,52gr,55gr,63gr,70gr. bullets. I need the COAL lengths for 62gr,69gr,75gr,77gr etc. Is a Speer 52gr. HPBT bullet going to have the same COAL as a Sierra 52gr. HPBT bullet...
  2. Victor Co Heather

    Differences in Max load charts??

    I'm loading for 175 SMK with Varget. My Sierra reloading manual says 41.7 grains is MAX load. My Hogdon reloading manual says 45.0 grains is MAX load. Kindly, WTF?