1. willypeter

    Accessories WTS/WTT AICS AX Chassis - SA R700

    Howdy, I'm looking to sell my Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Rem 700 SA Blueprint, w/ 13" forend, Black. I'm hoping to sell for $1700 to fund its replacement - the exact same thing in FDE. I'd be willing to trade plus cash if someone has the equivalent model in FDE / Pale Brown for...
  2. B

    SOLD MDT ACC Chassis - FDE Rem 700 SA - New - $925 obo

    ***SOLD*** MDT ACC chassis for sale. Brand new and not a blem. Remington 700 footprint, short action, FDE. Includes hardware. Do not have the original boxes, I had it in my gun safe and it ate up too much room in boxes. $925 obo shipped and insured. No trades. PM if interested, comment for...
  3. TINMAN347

    Accessories KRG RH R700 SA X-Ray with Enclosed Forend

    For Sale Kinetic Research Group X-Ray Chassis for a Remington 700SA or clones. - Right hand - Enclosed Forend - Full Length Arca Rail - Oversized Grips - QD Sling Plate up front, flush cup in rear - Full length Flat bag rider - Overmolded Cheek Piece - SAP + 2 holder in coyote Has a...
  4. R

    To chassis or not?

    So I got(Won) a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor. I figured it was the perfect way to start training long range precision. I was looking at the Sharps Brothers Heatseeker chassis to improve repeatability. However after zeroing my scope I fired a 3 rou d confirmation group (rushed), with...
  5. Z06pilot

    Accessories MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze for sale. A few light scratches, and unbedded. Paypal friends and family, or buyer to pay fees. $1,250 shipped to your door. (Conus only) 
  6. B

    Magpul Pro 700LA Folding Hinge Adapter

    I have a Pro 700 fixed stock chassis in ODG. Magpul's website has sold out of the FHA (folding hinge adapters), no other seller seems to have any after searching google until my eyes dried out. Anyone know where I might be able to find one? I've even emailed Magpul customer service and got the...
  7. Droptinetrader

    Accessories MPA Hybrid Complete Setup - RH - Northern Lights Cerakote

    MPA BA Hybrid RH Non-Folder - Northern Lights Cerakote Color MPA Hybrid Competition Side Rails - Northern Lights Cerakote Color MPA Forened Internal Weight Kit (2 Front Weights) Gray Ops External Side Rail Weights Chad Heckler MPA Grip Original Style MPA Spigot MPA Spigot Original MPA Grip Front...
  8. S

    SOLD Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Surgeon 1581 XL Action, Black, Folding, Used, $1050

    For Sale, Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis for Surgeon 1581 XL Action Black, Folding, RH, Used, Great condition, $1050 shipped and insured. 5.5Lb 16’ forend tube This is a dedicated chassis for a Surgeon 1581 Xl action that has a flat bottom. Great option if you are thinking of building...
  9. A

    Why get a KRG Whiskey-3 (fixed) over an X-Ray?

    It looks like you can pretty much just buy the KRG X-Ray+ the X-Ray adjustable LOP for $520 and get pretty much everything the Whiskey-3 fixed stock has, which goes for $940. This is also cheaper than a Bravo ($390) with the Bravo adjustable LOP mechanism ($300) which would be $690 You can...
  10. Jts2581

    Accessories Matrix w/ full Grey Ops Weight Kit. Like new

    Chassis is like new, very lightly used and in great shape. It’s a 700 sa Right handed. Has a all internal weights, and well as the full grey ops weight kit for the for end. Bipod in pic is not included. 1,100shipped to conus. No trades at this time. If you choose PP goods and services, add...
  11. rpg777

    SOLD Magpul 700 Pro Folder R700 SA

    For sale is a like-new Magpul Pro 700 folding chassis, black. Comes with two grips, action screws, has the folding stock and M-Lok attachment points all along the foregrip. This folding section is the best out there in my opinion. This chassis is also ambi. I just have ARCA everything and don't...
  12. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD - MDT ACC 700 SA with extras

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Used MDT ACC for Rem 700 SA footprint. Including 2 weight sets (2 internal and 2 external weights) along with a mag well safety device. New with weights this is a $1,875.00 value. $1,050.00 shipped to CUS. PayPal Friends and Family only please. No trades please.
  13. Kms33kms

    How do I post in BUY-sell-trade

    I was trying to put an ad in the buy-sell-trade category asking people if they had any used stocks/chassis for sale for a defiance tenacity short action , but when I click on that category it does not give me an option to “post thread” like it does in this category. Just wondering if I were...
  14. Kms33kms

    Is Grayboe as good as McMillan or Manners?

    Fixing to order my barrel for my new tenacity action in a couple days , then after I get my trigger I’ll finally be able to get its stock or chassis. I was wondering if these grayboe fiberglass stocks would be as tough and accurate and durable as the McMillan fiberglass stocks or manners...
  15. go4ityoda

    SOLD WTS:MDT ACC Complete Chassis with Folding Stock 700SA in Blue

    MDT ACC chassis and Grip are new. Buttstock is slightly used. Buttstock is a folder with the adjustable cheek riser added. Also have both the heavy (steal) and light (Aluminum) butt plate. Entire combo is $950 shipped.
  16. aroddc3

    SOLD XLR Envy Pro - Tikka SA

    $850 plus shipping. $850 local pickup in DFW area. I live in Dallas. Selling my XLR Envy Pro inletted for Tikka SA. Works for the T3X or T1X. I ran the T1X and had great results. Includes bag rider and thumbrest. No folder. TR-2 buttstock. Excellent condition. Current wait time for one...
  17. N

    SOLD WTS Savage SA JP AMCS folding chassis

    For sale Gen 1 JP AMCS chassis for Savage SA 4.40” actions. Ingenuity rail with adapter 15” handguard and folding stock with MPA grip. Has minor scratches on left side and magwell. $550 shipped Zelle or Venmo preferred payment
  18. jeffr

    SOLD WTS KRG X-Ray Chassis Rem SA

    Selling a KRG x-ray chassis Rem SA $200 OBO I take, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp or Cash Can meet anywhere in ATX area and will consider shipping for extra.
  19. ZiggyD

    SOLD MDT ACC 700 SA Chassis and Nightforce NX8 for sale

    SOLD. MDT ACC 700 SA has two weights and a mirage cover. $1000. SOLD
  20. Nicholi2789

    Accessories MasterpieceArms 40% off certificate

    Hey guys, I have a Masterpiece arms 40% off any chassis certificate for sale. Got it in a recent match and won’t use it anytime soon. Could use the cash to recoup some match costs. Does not have an expiration date. Asking 300$ OBO. (You’ll still save over $350 on a Matrix pro) No trades please