1. db¹

    SOLD WTS - Magnetospeed Sporter

    Only used a few times. I purchased it to replace one I broke but shortly after I won a V3 cert and decided to go with that. $160 delivered CONUS and I will include the adapter to transfer data to your phone.
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD sold

    Bought this from another member and haven’t used it. Cleaning out my bench area so hopefully someone can give it a good home. Comes with original box, Bluetooth link, and tripod with case. $95 shipped conus And yes, I know the sunshades are on the wrong way 😆 Crosslisted
  3. G

    SOLD WTS Magneto Speed V3

    Magneto Speed up for sale Works Great just Upgraded to a Labradar no longer need this $300 obo shipped PayPal FF or Venmo Thanks
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Tubb Magnetospeed Sporter with picatinny mount- *Price Drop*

    Tubb Magnetospeed Sporter with pic mount in good working condition. Basically David Tubb has modified a Sporter to mount via a pic rail. Here’s a link (I believe this is the Gen 1) Allows you to do load development without...
  5. S

    Accessories Magneto Speed V3 Chrono brand new

    Selling MagnetoSpeedV3 for $279 plus shipping. It's never been used (still in the plastic) and currently going for $400 online.
  6. Dr. Davy Jones


    Hi gents, I don’t currently have a way to chrono my loads and am prepping for my first comp next month. Would anyone be willing to rent me a V3 for a weekend? I have great feedback on here and would be willing to pay a deposit worth the chrono that could be refunded after its return to you, in...
  7. Kpchurch

    Precision Rifle Gear Where Can I Find - Quad Pod for Labradar

    As the title indicates, where can I find a Quad Pod to use with a Labradar? I’ve searched Arkco Machine and they are not selling them any longer. I’ve heard that Labradar might be coming out with one of their own sometime in the first 1/2 of 2021, but that time may slip, if it does happen at...
  8. LVshooter

    Accessories SOLD

    New condition $325.00 shipped
  9. V

    Magnetospeed V3

    I am not smart.
  10. F

    What accuracy do you expect from a chronograph?

    What resolution and what accuracy do you expect from a chronograph? For airguns the velocity range is about 400-1,200fps a chronograph with a measuring accuracy of +/- 0.5fps-1fps is great with a resolution of 0.5-1 fps. What about firearms that can go as high as 4,000fps? What level of...
  11. S

    Accessories Magnetospeed Sporter with soft case and alignment rod $135

    Very good condition Magnetospeed Sporter with soft case and alignment rod $135 shipped soft case and alignment rod were purchased separately($45) and didn’t come with original Sporter. Bayonet has slight a abrasions to blast shield from regular use. Works perfectly, only reason selling is...
  12. skulldragr17

    Accessories SOLD

    Magneto Speed V3 chronograph with soft case. This has been used before; no missing or broken parts. $300 shipped No Trades
  13. J

    Range Report LabRadar Range Report

    After researching and debating for several months I recently took the plunge and purchased a new Labradar chronograph. I had read several mixed reviews and this was my experience during my first outing. Prior to heading to the range I powdered up my unit at home and pre-set my units for...
  14. ammolytics

    Detailed Comparison of the LabRadar, MagnetoSpeed, and Two-Box chronographs

    Hey SH! Wow, this one was a lot of work but it's finally here! If you've ever wondered how these chronographs stack up to one another, or want to drown yourself in data this weekend, then I've got an article for you. For this test...
  15. Das Capitolin

    Stale Powder? Larger Charge Is Slower (H4350)

    I am using H4350 powder to load 140 GR Hornady BTHP Match bullets for a 26" heavy barrel in 260 Rem, and some recent results have me stumped. Here are the details: Over a year ago I purchased an 8 LB keg of Hodgdon H4350, which has been opened six times to pour and return powder. The powder...
  16. smith934

    Chronograph Question

    Anyone aware of a chronograph that interfaces with a laptop/netbook via USB. What I mean is one that consists of a chrono "head" unit that interfaces directly with the computer running the chrono software vs simply being able to download the data to a computer. With inexpensive netbooks...
  17. D

    Range Report Anyone near KCMO with a Chronograph

    My 9mm suppressor is sounding a bit loud. I'd like to check that my 147gr ammo and 158gr ammo is truley subsonic. So, I am looking for someone near Kansas City that will let me fire 10 rounds through their chronograph.
  18. LoneWolfUSMC

    The Chronograph has me scratching my head.

    OK, so I got my new Shooting Chrony F1 and out to the range I went with some loads. The GOAL is to workup a load with the same trajectory as the 168gr FGMM. 400' elevation, 79.9*F, 29.92"Hg, and lightly raining. First up I ran 5 rounds of 168gr Federal Gold Metal Match. 2721 fps 2702 fps 2711...
  19. TBass

    Range Report Bad Chronograph readings or erratic velocities

    Looking for some advice… I went out early this morning to zero my rifle w/ some new handloads. * Conditions first thing this AM were: 81F, 47% humidity, Density alt 7255, barometer 25.33. * My first string of velocities were: 2961, 2972, 2964, 2966, 2969 (with avg velocity of 2966 & std of...