1. D

    Training Courses LPR Elite Securities Group, Inc.Tactical Carbine and Pistol Course Toccoa GA June 21-22

    Another elite training opportunity is being offered by LPR Elite Securities Group at Georgia Mountain Shooting Association in Toccoa GA June 21-22 2014. This is a course led by Pete Italiano, former team lead of president Hamid Karzai's security detail in Afhanistan (read his background and...
  2. T

    Making a civilian M16A4

    Hello, I've been looking into what I can find for a civilian version of the M16A4. I've looked at the colt 6700 and the bushmaster target rifles. I do live on a budjet and can't go too crazy here either. I want the rifle to have a flash suppresor, free float foreend, and a flattop, but...
  3. rweldon

    Civilian Marksmanship Program

    Anybody ever use the Civilian Marksmanship Program to buy an old military rifle? I'm thinking about getting an old surplus M1 Garand to do some plinking with. They have a store up at Port Clinton here in Ohio...since I'm just a couple hour drive away, I'm thinking about going and checking it out.
  4. D

    Civilian Sniper Training

    Looking for a highly recommended civilian sniper school. I am x military looking to improve my tactical shooting skills. Any help would be greatly appreciated.