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    2023 Sniper's Hide Training Courses - Dates & Locations

    2023 Sniper's Hide Training Course Announcement Dates and Locations of our 2023 Courses These are the Marc & Frank Classes which include class instruction on •Range Safety •Fundamentals of Marksmanship •Setting up the Rifle •The Prone Position •Recoil Management •First and Second Focal...
  2. S

    Land Navigation and Survival Classes from Special Forces Instructor!

    Charlie Mike Solutions, LLC is a Special Forces Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business. We are offering a Basic Land Navigation in Louisa, KY (near Huntington, WV) October 24th-26th. It will take you from "This is a map" to navigating in the woods with NO GPS in a three day course. With...
  3. D

    Training Courses Mark Spicer Instructed Sniper Course Birmingham Alabama february 7-9 2014 rare opportunity

    Mark Spicer Instructed Tactical Precision Rifle Course Register at LPR Home Page February 7-9 2014 Sgt. Major (ret) Mark Spicer is a 25-year veteran of the British Army with a worldwide reputation in the sphere of Sniping and Counter-Terrorism...
  4. G

    Training Courses Long Range Precision Courses

    Gentlemen, I finally was able to save up some money and order a GAP rifle. It is a 300 WM on an ACIS 2.0 stock. To get the most of my purchase I have been looking through some courses to take over the summer. I am military which opens a few more options so you can keep that in mind. The main...
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    Online shooting classes on

    Subscription Name Sniper's Hide Online Training Description Subscribe to Sniper's Hide Online Training Class in association with Rifles Only. Subscribers will get access to online training classes, including images, and videos not found on the regular forum. Includes access to instructors to...
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    Anyone know where to take classes in Florida?

    I would like to take some marksmanship classes before paying a bunch of money for long range classes, anyone know of decent ranges/clubs/training facilities in Florida?