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  1. K

    AICS coated, Phoenix knob, Alum F-pin installed

    I recently did some work on parts to a gentlemans rifle. He had us Cerakote his black AICS skins OD Green so they'd be better for hunting. He had me install a Phoenix bolt knob so he could get extra grip on his bolt when shooting prone or with gloves on. Lastely, he had me install a aluminum...
  2. B

    Where to get AR coated??

    Where is the best place to have my AR coated (colors) Duracoat, Cerecoat, etc??? I guess LMT is still AWOL??
  3. J

    Molly or WS2 coated solids

    Hi, I use tungsten disulphide (WS2) coating on all bullets that I reload for rifle (.308, .338). It is similar to molly, but I like it more. I would like to know, however, if any one uses MoS2 or WS2 coatings on solid brass or copper VLD bullets and what are the results. All comments would be...
  4. evibat528

    Range Report Moly coated bullets

    Anyone use moly coated bullets? I've heard they can increase velocities but fouls the barrel more than copper. I have read somethings about it but want to know if anyone has any first hand experience.
  5. J

    Moly coated bullets?

    So, what's the current word on shooting moly coated bullets? I picked up 500+ 60gr .224 bullets to use in an AR, but haven't actually loaded any yet. Any issues with shooting it and regular copper jacketed bullets together in a chrome or stainless barrel? If so, what is the easiest way to...
  6. JRose

    Coated bullets and the chronograph...

    Does anyone else have trouble when trying to chrono coated bullets? It seems like the chrono doesn't like to read the coated bullets (BN), but never misses a lick with uncoated. I might get 1 out of a 5 shot string that will read...