1. cybersniper

    New STEYR SSG08 COBRA scoop

    hello: I could tell you how nice it shoots, or the groups it prints BUT NO I will show you the only sniper rifle I have, that I can place in one of my library´s shelves. Even with the big SN3 the rifle is so compact and beautiful that I can´t avoid leaving it there close to me so i can take a...
  2. KYS

    Suppressors YHM M2 Cobra - uggghhh

    Well another sob story. So after waiting 16+ weeks on receiving my YHM M2 Cobra 45cal suppressor I finally got to pick it up on Monday morning 3/02/2009). I was excited but also worried when I read the side of the box saying it was M16x1 LH threads on the piston device. So I called the guy that...