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  1. X

    DPMS G2 ( Gen2 GII ) Compatability

    I feel like there isn't enough information out there about what exactly is and isn't compatible with the DPMS G2. I'm hoping that everyone who is in the know can help fix that problem by filling this thread with that information. Please help me out guys, I am a new owner who is new to the ar...
  2. J

    Question regarding AR15 front sight compatability

    This is what my AR looks like now minus optics: http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c17/rumblephish12r/P1030427.jpg?t=1244782201 Would this front sight/carry handle combo work? It seems like the carry handle could fit on the Picatinny, but how would the front sight be attached...
  3. S

    AR15/AR308 gas block compatability?

    I have a question about gas blocks for AR's. Can you use an AR15 gas block on DPMS lr308's assuming the gas block locations are the same specs in diameter? I would like to build a 308 but find no gas blocks that are necessarily specific for them. I was thinking an Vltor, larue .750 size...