1. L

    Accessories ISO: PMM Glock 19 Gen 5 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel

    As title says looking for the Parker Mountain Ultra JTTC and Barrel combo in black Let me know what you got! Thanks
  2. grassy knoll

    SOLD SOLD Surefire 7.62 WARCOMP

    Never used. Package has been opened but everything is still inside and like new. $105 shipped. No trades.
  3. KeithR41


    I'm considering a which compensator to use in place of my suppressor should I choose to shoot without it. Can anybody give me pros/cons and various models? Thanks, Keith
  4. dar1246

    Gunsmithing Thruster Tactical Compensator

    I just purchase the Comp. the other day. I already had my barrels thread for suppressors. The comp. threads on fine but the holes in Comp. is vertical not horizontal. Can this be corrected? If so how?